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Near ??? Experience?

I've been busy this past I haven't done much (any) TV watching....I've only been home to catch a few hours of shuteye...and check for Poopli requests.

I'm positive that RTV4 worked during the week (though I was going to comment about RTV1 being a little bit sluggish first thing in the morning.....but freed up some space, and it seems to be going again....wonder if the drive gets fragmented or is a 5160, almost everything in standard...and I was running in the single digits of hours left. It is also the oldest of all my RTVs. RTV2 is slated to become a 5250 next, but maybe I'll do RTV1 again.)

Anyways...RTV4 wouldn't respond to remote control this morning...hold the power button and reboot...a couple of times...yank the cord for reboot...unplug everything and then back...still no response to the remote (both my multi-unit remote and the factory remotes...I have lots of extras &#59;) )

I started to worry...but I pulled ReplayPC/PRG/Webremote...and saw that all my shows where there (and that I could mostly work the unit....darn double select bug)....I ended up watching them all using IHVS...and deleting everything.....not that I had to, but I was trying to reschedule all the recordings to other machines in case I choose to try to get warranty work on it.

I thought about doing a factory reset on it...but if the remote still didn't work, how would I navigate through the setup?

Then for some reason I'm not sure about...I decided to void my warranty....ISC was July 1st, still some left on it. I opened it up to the IR board...and noticed the smell of something burnt.

I started wondering about getting a replacement board. But, then I saw that the solder connection on the middle lead of the IR sensor had popped (in) I got out my old butane soldering iron and touched it up.

But, just to be crazy....I decided while I had it open (and though I didn't damage the warranty sticker opening it up)...and since I had already watched or archived everything on the drive. I would try patching it....RTV4 is a bumping it to 80GB would be nice. Too bad I didn't have any 250GB drives just laying about extra at the moment. But, I plan to upgrade the 5040s first.

Put it all back together....the hard part was getting to cover to go back doing so, I destroyed the warranty sticker.... >:(

Hook it all back up...plugged it in....waited for it to come up and shut off. And, then I used the works.

Neat thing....was I don't have any extra IDE ports in my computer to connect drives for is on my list to get a dual drive firewire enclosure. What I did have was an extra DVD firewire unit...I opened it up, and hooked the RTV drive instead of the DVD...and that worked....and since I have an extra CD-RW firewire unit elsewhere....hmmm.....

....darn, just remembered, I was going to donate that to the charity auction last week. One of the things that kept be busy last week....even in the final hours of the auction, I was still trying to iron out bugs in the software.

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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