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I stand corrected....


It just occurred to me that I haven't gotten my coffee order yet. I belong to Boca Java's Connoisseur Club, so I'm supposed to get a couple of pounds of coffee every other month.

And, I had lamented about running out early this time around. Had to ground up some of my remaining beans of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Perhaps I should see about another cruise with a stop in Jamaica :))

Anyways...apparently my coffee is scheduled to arrive tomorrow by UPS.

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Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware

Refurbished Dell 1800FP & Replaced 250G

Well, I swapped in the refurbished Dell 1800FP that Dell shipped in response mine dying last Friday. Now to put my dead monitor into the box and have DHL pick it up, etc.

So great having the display back in front of me. 88|

Old monitor is back where it was, so I reupgraded my refurbished 5040 to 250GB. That went smoothly...probably having done it 8 times before was a factor. &#59;D

Meanwhile, another box from UPS....UPS lady asking why I chose to be in a top floor apartment.... I don't think I'm expecting any UPS packages tomorrow, but I am expecting one on Monday. :P

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Categories: General, ReplayTV, Hardware

Got Some Deliveries

Well, I got some deliveries last night and this morning.

3 packages from UPS arrived last night just a little after 7pm. I hear this'll be normal with it being the holiday season now.

One of the packages contained the new 250G drive (after RMA of the DOA one) from, I'll probably do the upgrade tonight after work (hopefully getting it done before ER).

Then I slept in this morning. :yawn: I decided last night that I would play around with my alarm settings, because I used to listen to 97.1 More Music FM in the morning...because they play lots of music. Except for sometime lately....all I hear in the morning is talk, talk, talk...and maybe a couple of songs thrown in so that the hour isn't just talk.

Plus it's mostly JT (the guy) saying disparaging things about the females on the show, etc. A definite turn off. :|

So, it is off to see if I can find a station in the morning that actually plays music.

Meanwhile, moments ago...FedEx showed up at my door, and there it is a new Dell 1800FP....have to send back the old one later. I'll probably do that swapout after work as well. This I'll need to do before I upgrade the refurbed 5040 to 250, since I need to move my old monitor back to old computer to be able to see what I'm doing.

Well, actually it isn't new...its a refurbished unit. But as long as it works...and lasts.... :>>

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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