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Checking out Spam Bully


  07:02:56 pm, by The Dreamer   , 375 words  
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Checking out Spam Bully

Link: http://www.spambully.com

Eudora has its own spam processing feature, which is better than nothing. Plus it handles my many, many email accounts....which represent a small portion of my total daily email volume.

I have one email acount, which receives the bulk of my email volume. So, it is the one that would most benefit from a spam filter. But, it is also the account I use for online shopping.

I would prefer the filtering to err on the conservative side. Though it does annoy me that it results in a lot of spam that I still have to read.

So, I did a quick google search on spam filters that integrate with Outlook and decided to give SpamBully trial. Barring any significant negatives, I'll likely go with this without any further trials.


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