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Discrete Input IR Codes ...


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Discrete Input IR Codes ...

I've been on the quest for Discrete Input codes and such for my remote. I mainly use my URC-6131 modified these days...though have a large pile of regular remotes to handle the deficiencies in the remote.

Anyways....I started playing around with advanced codes finally...and have the URC-6131 tweaked so that it kind of works better for me.

The remote controls my TV, my Receiver and 6 ReplayTVs. When I'm not watching/using my ReplayTVs I'll bring in the other remotes to fiddle with things. In the scheme of things, I use S-Video 3 when I need Closed Caption Decoding....otherwise I feed into a DVDO iScan Pro and feed through Component 1. I also currently have one of the ReplayTVs output progressive out to Component 3.... Component 1 is set in 4:3 and Component 3 in Wide (one of the ReplayTVs is fed by my Samsung SIR-T351)....for timeshifting pseudo HD.

For completeness...Component 2 is has an SA8000HD DVR on it, and HD output from the SIR-T351 goes in via VGA. Nothing on DVI yet...but I'm trying to decide if an upconverting DVD player to DVI and a switch box is the way to go (next year DVI will be the only way to do cable) or get a Momitsu V880 and do 720p via component video.

Anyways....I sat down and worked my remote. First I got volume control to work for the devices that were remapped to handle the overflow of VCR/DVD/DVR device codes. Don't know why I waited so long.

Then I went looking for discrete codes....before last night, I was missing S-Video 2 and Component 3...but I had reworked things so that I don't use S-Video 2 at the moment....anyways....I found codes for all 3 S-Video inputs and all 3 Component inputs, along with DVI and PC(VGA).

Device Code 0060

S-Video 1 = 192
S-Video 2 = 080
S-Video 3 = 019
Component 1 = 190
Component 2 = 061
Component 3 = 077
DVI = 060
PC = 073

Discrete ON = 001
Discrete Off = 253

So I changed the number pad to perform these.

1,2,3 - S-Video 1,2,3
4,5,6 - Component 1,2,3
7 - PC
9 - DVI
8 - Discrete On
0 - Discrete Off

About the only button I would really like to find is "P.Size" It would also be nice the cursor keys and exit actually worked (so I could work the menus, etc.)

Next I decided it was time to tweak my Receiver inputs.....I have a Sony STR-DE835....and Video 1 is my ReplayTVs (6 feeding through a network of 3 - SB-V55As and a Sima SVS-4). Have a DVD player...regular non-progressive currently. The output from the A/V receiver goes to S-Video 3 on the TV, while the second video output from the Sima SVS-4 goes to the DVDO. Had it the other way around, but I had one occasion where I needed Closed Captioning....

TV/SAT's digital audio input is the from the HD DVR, the MD digital audio input is from the SIR-T351...and I have a CD changer....so I tweaked the number pad as:

Device Code 1058

#1 - Video 1 (RTV) - 240
#2 - Video 2 - N/C
#3 - DVD - 191
#4 - TV/SAT (HD DVR) - 128
#5 - MD/TAPE (OTA HD) - 033
#6 - CD - 239
#7 - Tuner - 238
#8 - Discrete On - 113
#9 - 5.1 input - 064
#0 - Discrete Off - 109

I set the 5.1 input, incase I end up going with a DVD player that does DVD-A/SACD....

For this, I guess I might want to figure out sound fields.....

Since there's a difference in what works best if the station is sending DD2.0 or DD5.1 (and whether it real 5.1 or 2.0 as 5.1...like ABC often does).

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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