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Firefox & TripleSelect and Delaware Investments


  11:11:44 am, by The Dreamer   , 359 words  
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Firefox & TripleSelect and Delaware Investments

Well, either Delaware Investments recently changed something or the recent version of TripleSelect broke something....but I can no longer use Firefox to select the numbers off of my activity report and cut and paste into Micrsoft Money to keep track of my 401k.

The have the columns of numbers formatted not using a table.

With IE. I could select and drag a little bit and it would automatically select the whole number "##.#####".

There is no equivalent drag select functionality in Firefox. But, I was using TripleSelect to get around this....if I triple select it would select the whole number "##.#####". But, last week I let it install some theme/update extensions it had found...one of which was for TripleSelect.

Well, now if I triple select the number, it will only select the part before or after the decimal point...depending on where I click. That's the same as what double click did....so now I'm stuck until I find something else to solve this problem.

Or is this another case where I have switch back to using IE? 88|

Okay...it turns out Delaware Investments had made a change to their site. They are now using tables...which apparently prevents TripleSelect from working...but Ctrl-Click for a table cell works, kind of.

Don't know where whether the site is adding leading spaces so the numbers lineup by the decimal point or what (rather than align=right)...but the selection contains leading spaces on the shorter numbers.... And, whitespace has been known of confuse MSMoney when pasting numbers into it. Which is why the drag select is harder...because it doesn't show if you've selected the whitespace around the number....until you paste it into MSMoney, which rejects it as an invalid entry.

Though it seemed to cope with the single leading space, which I guess is okay...it's not like I'll see triple digit prices for anything in my 401k anytime soon. Though I'm at the point where I'll see triple digits for quantity....though that's more an indication of the fund price than my contribution level....meaning it just cracked it once....and hopefully never again. &#59;D

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