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Hot Water Update


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Hot Water Update

So far the track record hasn't been good....early last year...middle of winter it started acting up...the replaced just about everything except the tank. Later sure that summer the tank was leaking so they replaced that. Then spring this year....still the occasional cold snap....it stopped working again. They replaced the thermocouple and then the burner, finally settled on leaving the thermostat low to keep it from shutting off....about 117-118F.

Lasted through the summer...and now as it is starting to get cold enough to need heat for the occasional morning (needed it Monday, but didn't need it last night). This time it wouldn't stay lit at all (and they tried it below the 'red' factory recommended setting mark)....it was pretty much light it once about 30 minutes before I want to use the shower.... And, I suspect I might shower more than the average person.....which can translate to a problem when I travel...needing to pack a bit more than most.... :)

Though I'm sure I read in an apartment newsletter suggesting that the hot water heater be set to maximum during the winter....because of the fact it provides both hot water and heat. Having it set low does make it challenging to fill the tub during the really cold winter nights...which are the kind of nights where I would want to fill the tub.

Don't recall what the water temperature was when the tank was new, I did note that my dishwasher seemed to work better....and then wasn't cleaning as well when the water wasn't as hot.

Before the new tank I had lots of trouble with laundry....the tablets wouldn't dissolve completely, so I switched to using liquid detergent. I think I did the same with the dishwasher for a while, but I'm currently using tablets in there again (I had a bunch of coupons :D )

Perhaps when the hot water temperatue got lowered...I should've stopped using tablets.....

Anyways...hopefully things will be back to where tablets will work.

I kind of prefer tablets, because the packaging is smaller and lighter than other forms....only a significant issue because I'm a two handed grocery shopper....I only buy what I can carry out of the story using my two hands....and I walk to and from the store. Actually, I only shop at Walmart...because real grocery stores are too far away.

At least things have improved grocery selection wise at my nearby Walmart recently....though for some reason they no longer carry frozen vegetables....guess I was the only person buying them. :..(

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