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I'm having trouble reading my screen...


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I'm having trouble reading my screen...

...because I've downgraded from the dead Dell 1800FP to my old AOC 17" CRT monitor. Boy, what a huge difference.

Not to mention my desk clutter has trouble accommodating the extra size of the monitor. &#59;D

Meanwhile, a while back I was thinking that I wanted to get another LCD monitor. To finally retire this 17" CRT monitor. Which was being used on my DVARchive/WiRNS/Poopli server box (my old PC). kind of scary that I dug out my old 14" CRT monitor to use on the old PC for the time being :crazy:

And, one of the monitors I was contemplating was the Dell W1700. Partly because of the scare of the 3BLP with my Samsung TV. One hold point was while it does have a DVI connector, it isn't HDCP...

I admit that when my 1800FP died, my thinking changed....worried that I'd be stuck with having to rush out and fight all the other Thanksgiving shoppers to buy a new LCD. I was thinking of one with nearby availability and perhaps of a different brand. I forget what brand the 17" monitor I had before the AOC, but it also died just after 1 year and I remember how annoyed I was about that....

Actually, when I bought the Desktop computer, I had originally one gone with the basic 1 year warranty on it....not sure that I would get value in 3 years. Well, but I guess it paid for itself now. And, has got me thinking that more Dell stuff is a possibility now.

Namely, I noticed that the Dell W1900 says it does to DVI-HDCP.

Though the spot where my old PC lives...might have a problem getting it to fit there.

Only problem is that I'm a bit tapped with all the wild holiday spending I've been doing lately...and need to figure out what my vacation plans for next year will be. :.

Though I do plan to stumble out later today to face the crowds....less pressure to actually come home with something now. :lalala:

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