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My Hot Dell sounds like it is going to take off....


  11:13:13 am, by The Dreamer   , 466 words  
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My Hot Dell sounds like it is going to take off....

Maybe its a mistake buying my new computers around my birthday....

Being that it is in October...they tend to run quite well for several months and then start to exhibit problems.

The box runs pretty hot most of the time, and now while it is still spring..it is now running the risk of overheating. I got MBM5 running on it, so I can watch the temperature and fan speeds. I saw that the case fan was running quite slow, probably all the cold air from the A/C sitting near the floor and getting sucked in through the front. But, the CPU temperature has been climbing...especially during the day when I'm not home. When it gets pretty warm in my small and cramped 'computer' room. This room is the one that the apartment HVAC has trouble cooling in the summer or heating in the winter.....it is also on the south side of the building...'hall' along the front doesn't help enough....(if it wasn't there, I could explore having a dish...though I moved my home theatre out of this room because it getting too warm with all the computers and my HT equipment...and the heat was more bothersome when I'm trying to watch the tube...)

Probably makes it worse that when I'm away...I have seti@home running full tilt on it...in fact I have two copies running during the hours I'm usually away....

At one point on the weekend it broke 60 C (it hit 66 C -- though I had my hand behind the case at the time). I read that the max temperature for the CPU is 70 C....

I decided that under my desk is probably not the best place to give it adequate airflow. So I moved it on top of my desk over the weekend.

The average temperature is back to around 53 C....since the fans are temperature controlled...this is probably within design. The case fan is running at a higher RPM now...but that's the trade off from on my desk and on the floor.

There is only a small change in the fan speed for the CPU compartment. The problem is now I can really hear the fan noise with it on my desk...and it is really loud.

I did get around to measuring the outlet temperature (while on my desk)....123F. That's hot....considering the hot water heater in my apartment will only do 120F now (bad thermostat....any higher and it won't stay lit).

Should be interesting to see what happens during the summer, when it'll get even warmer....maybe I'll have to cut back production on seti@home.... :roll:

Anybody know of any ways to make the box quieter, without compromising cooling (better yet improving it at the same time....)?

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