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SmartUPS 1250VA is here


  02:33:37 pm, by The Dreamer   , 563 words  
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SmartUPS 1250VA is here

It arrived much earlier than expected.

Which is bad, because I wanted to be home when they delivered it. The thing weighs 55lbs.

Instead I had to go the lease office to drag it back to the apartment. Somedays living on the top floor has its drawbacks.

But, since it was here and I did a quick check to see what was scheduled to record and decided to try to put it into service now.

Probably should've stopped when I realized that it wasn't going to fit under my rack like the other UPSs have. But, after much straining I squeezed in behind the TV cartrack, only to find out that the fan is on the side of the UPS against the wall (on the CPS 1500AVR-HO it is on the other side, the other problem is the outlets on the back are upside down...so the flat plugs now point up from the outlets) So I ended up unlocking the TV cart/rack and to free the UPS from behind and move it to the side of the cart/rack.

Doing so now means my HDTV antenna is no longer optimally pointed to receive all 6 stations. Since there are four different towers/angles/locations origination the 6 stations it is kind of tricky to aim an antenna to receive all 6 so that unattended recording of shows from any of the stations is possible.

When I checked, I found that Fox and PBS were out....so did some minor tweaks and it seems okay now. Didn't check the other receiver aftewards. Will have to make a note to check it when I get home.

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