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WiRNS and Digital Cable


  01:46:50 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1526 words  
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WiRNS and Digital Cable

Well, I did some reading on RNS spec....there's a single character for type .... 'C' for Cable, 'S' for Satellite, and 'A' for Antenna.

Looking at the WiRNS code, if it type.Equals("Cable") it changes type to be "C", if type.Equals("Satellite") it changes type to be "S".

if type is anything else...it just passes it straight through ignore that anything else will be too long.

Need to figure out what "CableDigital" should be remapped to....or it appears there something else in addition to getzipcode2.pl response for the diversity....perhaps its a head end thing.

Because. the response only reported one Time Warner (other than the WIRNS02 one)....though there are 3 different channel guides for Time Warner.

A "Time Warner Cable", a "Time Warner Cable (Cable-Ready), and a "Time Warner Cable (Digital)". The first one being the basic/standard cable lineup if your using an analog cable box....

Actually, reading up a bit more...it is the job of headend to set channel types....and I guess then the ReplayTV sorts out the types into the multiple lineup sets. So, that probably means value 6 (which the document calls 'Unknown') in HeadEndEntry needs to be some number other than '0x00' to get digital cable to work.

Location 6  Unknown     Known values include 0x00, 0x44, 0x4c, and 0x58. Channels
                        in the list are often duplicated, differing only by this value.
                        Some or all of the known values may appear for the same

                        It is hypothesized that this value corresponds to the
                        Lineup for a television provider. For example, 0x00 would
                        represent the ?normal? lineup, 0x44 would represent the ?rebuild?
                        lineup, etc. More work needs to be done in this area.
                        A minimal RNS server can get by using only 0x00. 

I suppose the headend code could look to see if the device: field has something in it, and that it says "Digital"....

The zipcode part should accept "CableDigital" as type = "C"....or something. Just don't send the whole string out....though I'm sure it had nothing to do with my RTV crashing while in Network & Input setup (its always been kind of buggy going in and out of it....) To make it easier on anybody that might want to do the same?

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