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WiRNS and Digital Cable


  01:46:50 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1526 words  
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WiRNS and Digital Cable

Well, here they are....my code changes....


I used the source from WiRNS 1.2.4 as reference.

It hasn't been tested that much, infact this specific version hasn't been tested at all. I cleaned it up a bit for general consumption, eh? :p


Changed field unknown to lineup and added methods to HeadendEntry.

In ZProvider...changed type test, to...if type.StartsWith("Cable") make type="C" else type="S". Makes Satellite the default type, save a step for people using Local Broadcast lineups to provide guide data when using OTA HDTV. Figure there's no need to support a type="A" for actually antenna use. But, a simple enough change should that be desired. Main thing is that "Cable" and "CableDigital" types become "C".

In HProvider....get the type along with provider name, if it StartsWith("Cable") set a flag, to do two things.

One change headend[0] = 0x01 and headend[28] = 0x05. Don't really understand what these bytes are, but I based it on a guess from a packet capture....

It still outputs the HeadendEntries for lineup = 0x00, but it adds another copy with lineup = 0x58.

I've only tested it to the point where I the provider name appears among the choices for Digital Cablebox (along with Analog Cablebox and direct Cable choices) and that when I '>>' check the lineup the limited set of numbers show up.

I haven't actually used it....because I haven't had enough time to see if it messes things up badly or anything.

Oddly, I am on vacation....just a short one...a today, tomorrow and Monday....except I was in the office working today....swapping a drive in the main fileserver....so it has to be done when nobody is around. I pushed my start to Sunday, boss says I can get comp time...but I'll still probably roll back into the office on Tuesday (have an offsite meeting in the afternoon).

I start my main Xmas vacation next Saturday....

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