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Dumping Landline....

I think I've had the last straw with my landline.

Pretty much the only use I have for the landline is to receive faxes (because number portability didn't exist when I got Vonage, and I didn't have a definitive on whether the fax machine would work).

But, the fax machine seems to work on might be a little bit slower, but not really a big deal when you factor in the savings of Vonage, etc.

Though the extra minutes of getting Vonage fax line is overkill for my needs.

But, I also use it [landline] as backup for outgoing calls. Sometimes call quality on Vonage is problem, so sometimes I'll opt for the easier solution of switching to line 2 on my phone and calling out on landline. The thing is 99% of my outgoing calls are long distance, which is what makes Vonage such a great deal. Especially since the bulk goes to Canada.

The less simple solution is to go and unplug my ReplayTVs from my network....I suppose I might investigate some kind of remote switch to do this....

Now, when I first moved to the US...I originally had Sprint as my long distance provider...only because Sprint was my provider when I was living in Canada. Later I switched to Qwest, because they had a better deal. Though I didn't like that even in months where I don't make any long distance calls at all...I still have to pay the monthly fee to them (plus another fee for international long distance....its just Canada that I call) So, I switched to a service with no monthly fee.

I went with Pioneer Telephone. That proved to be a big problem.

At some point last year they changed their underlying provider, which caused a switch on my line (without prior notice, and apparently this kind of operation circumvents my PICC freeze)...incurring fees for the switch (they said they would credit me the switch fee, but they never did...along with the switch fee when I first became their customer). In fact a couple weeks after they made the switch, they called to tell me that because I was closing my account that I needed to switch off of them and incur another fee.

I called saying that I didn't close, and the CSR mentioned that he had been getting lots of calls from other customers calling for the same reason.

But, despite the assurance that I wasn't going to be cut off and forced off of their network, I found out (the hardway) that they did this to me anyways. I have a credit balance, and they still owe me for the two previous switch fees.

But, I've decided that they can just go away.... XX( because I've had enough with the hassle they've been inflicting on me.

And, this might be reason enough to ditch landline while I'm at it.

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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