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DVD: Crash

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I've decided....

....that the next time I need to do work on 'box', that I'll get a new machine to replace it.

Even though all I need is a lowly PC to run Linux to serve DNS, DHCP, NTP, SSH and be a router and as bonus do ivs-status-sniff and BOINC for me.

The DNS/DHCP/NTP are core services to my home network (and since all my IVS traffic goes through it, that's also of fair importance).

As you might recall, when I experienced a boot failure on the old machine (a desktop GX100), I rushed over to eBay and bought a SFF GX110. Figuring it would be a minimal change, so migrating the Linux system would be minimal (the kind where I just transplant the drive and it works...I've done these before at work). And, it was cheap. Though it came with no HD or memory, though neither big points. Since I was planning to transplant the HD and I already had some DIMMs from a different GX110.

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Upgraded to MSMoney 2006 Deluxe

What a pain that was.

Could this program get any more slower....well, obviously not. Because it is.

Other issues, no more support for custom currencies. And, it changed online configuration.

I have two AMEX cards, and more recently Chase and Bank One merged. But, each was calling separately and download their own data. In setup, I had it skipping the other account....for AMEX and skipping Chase data, because each time I had run it in the past resulted in tons of duplicate data (so I stayed with active statement download from the site, actually active statement option was a recent used to only do QIF. Perhaps that's why when online update became available things didn't mesh)

Well, it did its update, and the accounts that used to get created new accounts for them. And, the merge duplicate didn't work completely.

Took me a while to figure out that the extra 'First USA Credit Card' was actually my Chase Perfectcard. But, once I figured it out...that merge went alright. But, it wouldn't let me do the merge on AMEX. Eventually figured out that I needed to disable online updates for one and then merge. Except that it would let me delete the data from the previous updates (without offering to delete all my other data, that I want to keep). And, the merge that it would merged the wrong way (deleting all my old transactions).

So, I had to revert to before I upgraded again. This time removing the extra online account setups before doing the first online connect.

Other changed the home page again. Now it shows less information than before. And, it does backups a little bit I had revise my scripts for processing the backups and flinging them off-site.

Otherwise, I think I've survived. |-|

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Forgot a step

This morning when I was checking my logs, I discovered I forgot an important step.

Reenable sendmail. Especially since the box also serves as internal mail server (things like having DVArchive email upcoming shows, stuff like that).

I could have these go to my outside account, but the outside accounts wouldn't accept mail delivered by my Linux boxes (and I'm not really sure where the bounce/rejections are going).

I suppose I could've tied my internal machines to one of the domain names I have registered, etc....but I kind of missed that with the overlap of email accounts that I have under those domains and the accounts I use on my machines.

Kind of wierd having to create a symbolic link of /usr/sbin/sendmail to /etc/alternative/mta, especially since /etc/alternative/mta is just a symbolic link to /usr/sbin/sendmail.sendmail :!: But, RedHat 7.3 did it this way for some reason...though the yum upgrade doesn't catch it correctly.


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Working late again!

It is 19:10, and I'm only just now getting ready to leave work. :??:

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Home RedHat 7.2 server upgrade to 7.3

Well, last night I got messages from fedoralegacy-announce of some more updates. But, since 7.2 is no longer supported....

I decided to give the yum upgrade to 7.3 another try. I decided that maybe what I needed to do was loosen the exactarch setting and make sure to remove the athlon kernel and install the i686 kernel instead (even though the box has an athlon CPU...)

There were other issues....which I resolved by removing kdesdk-devel (apparently stuff got changed, and the newer packages wouldn't install if this older package was already present).

Once I removed that...the upgrade proceeded largely like the other upgrades I had done (at work). The only catch was that it overwrote my /etc/services file and didn't leave my old one saved away somewhere. There was only one service that was important...the stunnel wrapper for an xinetd service that lets me into my home network from remote.

Well, actually, it wasn't absolutely critical...since it was my old way into my network, which is the method I normally use. But, I had added other ways in....

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  06:43:39 pm, by The Dreamer   , 74 words  
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Home Updates postponed

Well, it is 6:40pm...I just got home from fighting with the machine at work...and I don't feel like doing the updates I was planning to do tonight.

Perhaps tomorrow things will go better with the machine at work, and I won't be so drained. Otherwise I'll probably just leave it all until the weekend.

I have a phone interview Friday at 5pm, so probably won't be feeling like mucking about after that....

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Today is upgrade day.

For some reason today is the day.

At work, I'm upgrading an IBM pSeries Server (model 615 6E3) to be a dual boot AIX 5.2 and AIX 5.3 QA machine.

The machine was originally delivered with a pair of 36GB drives, one as rootvg and the other as vg00. A 73GB drive was ordered for it, and moved vg00 over to this drive (extendvg->migratepv->reducevg) that the old 36GB drive would become the AIX 5.3 disk.

Used alt_disk_install to clone the rootvg to hdisk1 and next is to upgrade that system to 5.3. Wrote a pair of scripts so switching between the two will be braindead easy....once somebody cracks the root password (actually, I've already given it out...) I thought about sudo, but that's too much work and once I'm gone...there'll be no more control on who has the root password, etc.

Problem right now is that the attention light comes on everything the machine is booted, it is reporting a scsi bus problem. Since the only change was the 73GB drive, it is suspect.

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I gave blood today!


Can you believe that it has been 3 years and 5 months since the last time I gave blood? :no:

I guess that's what happens when you move away from a 'remote' city in Canada, where donations happen when the blood mobile rolls in. To where living in Central Ohio, it becomes much more difficult to find out when and where there is a blood drive in walking distance from home or work.

The last time I gave blood, my chiropractor was hosting it. Today, Allstate (who are in the same building) was hosting one.

I wonder if should factor accessibility to future blood donations as something to consider with respect to where my next job will be at? )-o

When I was in Canada, I managed to get up to a 20 donation pin. Which is pretty good considering they only rolled the blood mobile into to town 3 times a year, and frequently I wasn't able to donate during the January I would invariably be down with the flu or something. It wasn't until the last couple of years I lived there that the upped the frequency to 4 times a year.

I found out that they do it by the gallon here in the states. Should be interesting to see how long before I reach one. Today is only my 3rd time so far.


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ATP and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Join Together for Hurricane Katrina Relief


Here's something new for me that I forgot to tell the world about. For the last few days, I've been doing two strange things.

  1. Watching Sports
  2. Watching Live TV

But, I had come across USAHD on my SA8300 DVR a while back, which apparently is largely added for US Open coverage (meaning I guess it'll be going away soon).

And, while channel surfing in HD one evening...I ended up watching it.

I guess the fact that it is in HD, was a big factor. Well, I guess this isn't totally strange, when I first got the HDTV....I was watching the Calgary Flames attempt to take the Stanley Cup. And, when coverage switched to ABC, I had to watch it live OTA. Though I wasn't a convert yet, so I was also recording in SD, and switch back and forth depending on where things were when I got to turning the set on (switching back to SD when I wanted to pause...)...though this was the catalyst for playing around with recording downconverted HD on a ReplayTV.

Back to the US Open, later I sacrificed stuff in my HD-DVR and scheduled recordings of some of the coverage, because I didn't want to miss the semi/final coverage and some of it wasn't at convenient times.

It was kind of intense and sad watching the women single semi's, perhaps I because I was rooting for Elena Dementieva and later Maria Sharapova &#59;D The match with Maria ran long, so I missed the ending...though I guess I didn't really miss anything. I felt like screaming that she should smile, but I wasn't watching that live....

Though it was good watching the final still....rooting for Kim Clijster....the rough part was that it ran over the scheduled slot, so the HD recording cut me off. Though I had padded the SD recording of it on my ReplayTV. (there is no USAHD OTA :..( )

Boy, it was really terrible having to watch the remainder of that in SD. My interest in continuing to watch faded pretty much after that. And, I deleted the rest of my SD and HD recordings...though I did watch part of the women's mixed finals. After all, got to see Elena again :yes:

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