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DVD-R Burn Speed Update 2

Well, with a lot more burns with my new drive arrangement, it is clear that the Optodisc 16x DVD-Rs aren't really all they are cracked up to be.

As I had noted that, the burn on seemingly three different speed zones. The first is a 4-6x zone, then an ~8x zone, followed by the ~12x zone. The maximum that the Pioneer drive will allow me to set for the media.

But, I've also been burning an extra copy of stuff recently using Fujifilm 8x DVD-Rs....the Optodisc being thermal printable and having nice labels, while the Fujifilm discs being silkscreened and labeled with a the Optodisc ones being set aside as archival storage of the data, while the Fujifilm discs being the ones I'll be usually immediately.

Anyways, the Fujifilm discs burn all the way through at ~8x.

I do have some Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-Rs, which Pioneer recognized as 16x from the very beginning. Though I haven't tried burning anything on these since the change. Perhaps something to try, should I find the excuse to 'waste' a disc.

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The Next Gumby Operation

Well, last night I started on the next operation. :wave:

To replace the questionable F drive with a new disk. The old drive is an OEM Seagate 250GB and the new drive is a Retail Kit Seagate 300GB. I figured with all the success I had been having with Acronis Migrate Easy 7, that I would use it again for this operation.

First I took the time to slowly format the new disk, as a check to see that it would work. The last time I had taken the effort, I discovered the bad counterfeit Maxtors. While I was quite certain that this wasn't going to be an issue, there's always the DOA or early death issues.

Plus, also perhaps by coincidence, the one time I skipped doing the complete (slow) format....the drive experienced an early death (<3 months). &#58;&#35;&#35;

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