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"Number 6" is alive :!:

Well, I popped home for lunch, not feeling like make the hike in the cold to the Subway...and not really sure what I what kind of Subway sandwich I was in the mood for today.

Shortly after arriving home, there was a knock. It's UPS with my new winter gear.

After quickly trying it on and liking it. :>>

I moved to wondering what else I might do....I keep looking at "Number 6", so I decide why not. |-|

I'm going to do the upgrade of it now and it'll be all ready for tonight's programming, etc.

And, maybe I'll do something else this go out U-(

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Burr! It's Cold...

...another cold day in central Ohio. Even colder than yesterday.

And, silly me....I kept putting off getting a new winter jacket for this season. :crazy:

At first I was thinking that I should get one for my Alaskan Cruise back in June. But, decided to wing it without. There were a couple of days where it would've been nice to have had, but I survived.

Then being more conservative on cash since getting laid off back in July, and not knowing how much future use I'll have for one. I've been focused on finding work closer to family/relatives (where closer could just mean that I'll have access to a non-stop flight to get to my parents)....which could potentially mean living in an area that doesn't experience winter like they do here, let along winter like in Canada.

Either way, what I would get would not cope with the extremes of winter in Canada. But, its just a one week trip each year....except there won't be one this year, because of the family reunion the week before hand....where I'll be in San Diego/Mexico....

Well, at first I was going to order the jacket at the end of October. But, it was still nice out and other unexpected expenses crept in, so pushed it to be mid-month November. Unfortunately the cold weather hit the same day that I mid-month came around.

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