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  12:40:23 am, by The Dreamer   , 877 words  
Categories: General, Travel

Depressed people have blogs?

At least I think that's what they implied on an episode of Freddie....

However, it is actually true in my case....I do suffer from depression, etc. But, it isn't why I started this blog.

But, I'm deep into yet another post-cruise depression, etc.... compounded by spending the holidays alone for the first time, since moving to the US. At least back in Canada, when I did the holiday without family...I wasn't alone. Plus the laid off and unemployed part doesn't really help either. Though the last time I was laid off over the holidays, I also didn't have family around for it.....

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  06:20:58 pm, by The Dreamer   , 34 words  
Categories: Software, Computer

Today is the day....

Link: upgrade my home computers to Firefox 1.5!

As expected various issues with what extensions continue to work. So far either an update exists, or tweaking the install.rdf file will get it to work....

  02:44:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 242 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Hardware, Travel, Scanner

Post Cruise Temporary Insanity


The post-cruise temporary insanity has hit me.... :crazy:

I just ordered a new flatbed scanner....the main feature, Digital ICE.

Built-in DIGITAL ICE Photo Print Technology repairs damaged photos
- Automatically restores damaged photos
- Identifies and eliminates unwanted surface defects
- Easily corrects deep scratches, cracks, creases, rips and tears in photo print surfaces

I bought it impulsively over eBay, before seeing that it could be had cheaper through other means....which is also significant, because Discover is offering 5% cashback bonus for online purchases right now. Though the thinking is that there's a cash balance in my PayPal account, and I don't quite see it as the same as actual money...because pretty much the only way to spend to buy something from eBay.

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  12:55:32 pm, by The Dreamer   , 10 words  
Categories: Software

I bought Spamnix


Was there any question at this point that I wouldn't? :.


  06:00:03 pm, by The Dreamer   , 10 words  
Categories: General

Christmas Supper....


Guess what I'm having for Christmas supper this year.... :wave:

  12:31:43 pm, by The Dreamer   , 36 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Travel

Latest Cruise Pictures are up!


The latest pictures from my recent cruise are now up....

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  06:01:55 am, by The Dreamer   , 48 words  
Categories: Software

Spamnix: The Second Week

Well, it has been another week with Spamnix. I had reset the stats last week, so this is just for this week's email.

Spamnix: The Second Week

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  08:29:19 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Stealth


  11:44:31 am, by The Dreamer   , 5 words  
Categories: General

Upgraded my blog to 0.9.1


Looks like everything is working.... |-|


  08:57:49 pm, by The Dreamer   , 8 words  
Categories: Software

Spamnix: The First Week

Doing fine....guess I'll probably be buying it.....

Spamnix: The First Week


Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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