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Additional Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB drive here


  09:19:25 am, by The Dreamer   , 462 words  
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Additional Maxtor OneTouch II 300GB drive here

The FedEx guy showed while I was in the shower, but fortunately he left it by the front door.

I'll probably add it to my system at lunch today...and redo the last recycle backup...which overflowed the current 300GB OneTouch II (and has part of the data stored on to the drive that it was backing up).

I was going to do an update of the recovery disk on the other box (and this one after I do a fresh backup with the new configuration). Except that because of the "Number 7" incident, and the upcoming "Number 6" upgrade, the configuration changes will result in some inconsistencies in the restore configuration. Not that it seems to matter, because the windows installer has different ideas on how it thinks I want to lay things out....namely it wanted to put the firewire drives ahead of the master drive on the primary IDE channel. Something that would've been really bad. But, then the restore wouldn't work...because I had to remove the firewire drives to get it to use the internal disk as C. Which made it different to restore from the backup stored on the firewire drives. And, the minimum install only had minimal driver support, so since there were no firewire drives attached at that point....no drivers installed. As noted I had to do the full install to get the restore to work...and that was rough, because despite the docs saying all required 3rdparty drivers would be in a directory on the recovery CD...they weren't... The .inf file for the 3rdparty stuff was there, but the .inf initially prompts for a driver disc (where you can browse to find somewhere else....but it didn't include those files so I couldn't browse for them....)


I was somewhat surprised that the 300GB drive wasn't big enough to do the backup of my current system...though I guess I shouldn't be....the current set up is a 120GB and a 250GB drive. Guess, I have it just full enough that it is over 300GB total now. The additional 300GB drive had been planned....but it was in part because I planned to upgrade the 120GB drive. Originally, I was looking at making it a 250GB as well....then I thought might as well shot for the limit....400GB. But soon, 500GB drives will be (widely) available....so maybe I'll get this when I do get around to performing the upgrade.

Hopefully, it'll be another upgrade where Acronis Migrate Easy will handle successfully. (unlike the previous where it didn't....hopefully nothing to do with the fact that the previous attempts involved going to larger drives (over 128/137GB). The first (failure) was to a 250GB drive, the second (failure) was to a 300GB drive....

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