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Air Quality Alert & System Fans


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Air Quality Alert & System Fans

There's been a fairly widespread Air Quality Alert for what seems like over a week now.

Something about fine particulate matter in the air.

I guess my cough is related to it.

But, computers seem to be getting sick as well.

Earlier this week I had to replace the CPU/System cooling fan in my Dell Optiplex GX110 at work (a Linux machine named aylee).

Today, I was in the computer room trying to revive a machine that died during the last extended power outage (because a customer upgraded their OS/hardware, but wants to use our older software that doesn't cope with the extra OS/hardware features....so I need to see about patching the old software to work .... rather than convince them to use the version that was built on that version of the OS....where the API exists, even though we don't have the luxury of owning such hardware).

Anyways...I noticed that another Linux server was sound really sick. (our CVS server named, oddly enough, cvs). After much worry and investigation, it appears that it is the system cooling fan in the drive bay/backplane...rather than a drive in the RAID array.

That's another thing we don't have in our 'computer room' that we had in the old one. Air filtration....the room just has the regular HVAC system that is used in the rest of the building, just the zone is set to stay on 24/7 (rather than the evening/weekend shutoff that the rest of the building does). There's also no humidity control....so I strongly doubt that we are maintaining the recommended 50% humidity....but so far we haven't zapped anything critical....

So the only bad thing about the 'computer room' is trying to get the temperature right....there are two heat pumps that provide heating/cooling to the space. The thermostat for each is located at the opposite end of the room. So, what usually happens is one end is very cold (especially because it is winter now) and the other end is kind of warm (but below the 75F threshold that would set off the trouble alarm). Though there was a problem, because somebody thought to set the heat control to a few degrees below the cooling point....like it should be a sane temperature.....except that did nothing for the comfort level at the cold end of the room, but made the warm end...rather hot.

They went to two heatpumps for the space, because during the summer...one heatpump doesn't have the capacity to keep up.

At one time we were looking at Liebert....though the landlord said they would provide us equivalent stuff for free as part of getting us to move in (it was a new building that had been standing vacant for a couple of years)....and when we did the estimate, they came up with the need for a 10 ton A/C....

Apparently what we got was a 3 ton unit...and after running 100% for a while it died one day and suddenly it got really warm. So, they added the alarm system. And, kept coming back to repair it. Plus during the summer it would take days to recover....it would slowly lose ground some weekdays.

Eventually it was upgraded to a 5 ton unit...but still wasn't up to the job. So, they added another 3 ton unit. And, that's when things got weird with temperature balance.


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