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Am I Insane??? Compact Drive PD7X


  07:27:03 pm, by The Dreamer   , 415 words  
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Am I Insane??? Compact Drive PD7X

Link: http://www.3hdigital.com/index.html

What is interesting, is that now I'm hoping that the order will be fullfilled and shipped and received by next Friday at the latest. Otherwise, I'll have to hope that it doesn't disappear before I get home to retrieve it.

Also I don't know if I will actually be happy with the purchase...of course, I wanted something that could also display pictures....but that is more of something I'm after for the next cruise.

I also debated whether a harddrive was really the kind of thing that I wanted to backup my vacation photos while on vacation. I think somewhere down the road, some extra flash cards are in my future. Though it'll be more because I want bigger/faster cards and the still adequate sized ones will become the extras.

Though some cards that used to be big at the time, are considered tiny now. Even though they are still bigger than what come with most digital cameras (that include a memory card). My most recent digital camera didn't come with a memory card, don't know if that was because they wanted to save me the money of getting a useless 8MB card or because the camera has a built in 14MB...though it is either the camera's builtin memory or a memory card. And, the only way to download those pictures is the USB cable...and I previousily wrote how difficult it was to get one....

Plus there's still the issue of how to preview/present my pictures while travelling...though I suppose the whole digital thing versus film has kind of changed things. Before during a family reunion...it was having to find a one-hour place to get the film processed in order to share the pictures you take during the event. Now with digital, the desire is to be even more instantenous. Or maybe its just me. :lalala:

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