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Bad Drives....ARGH!!!


  04:45:40 am, by The Dreamer   , 589 words  
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Bad Drives....ARGH!!!

Well, today, I decided it was time to do some house cleaning on my DVArchive server. Time to configure the new area, remove shows I don't need archived anymore and such.

While I'm doing this, I notice that things seem to be getting really slow and I'm losing contact with other ReplayTVs and DVArchive boxes, more than usual.

Finally, I notice that the drive is dead.

It is the Maxtor one that has failed. After much screaming, I accept the loss...the main thing I'm suffering the loss of is the complete 39 episodes of "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High". Everything else is either still on a ReplayTV somewhere, or something that I probably wouldn't ever get around to watching anyways.

In the effort to rebuild, I find that the refurbished Western Digital 250GB drive is also acting weird (not as bad as the Maxtor, but kind of weird like what prompted me to replace it in the first place). So, I guess refurbished drives....bad. Though what brand of harddrive do I get next?

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