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Beep, Beep, Beep!


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Beep, Beep, Beep!

First, I know my Linux server (LHAVEN) doesn't recover. The PC is the kind that has a pseudo-soft power button, and no option to set what to do after power loss. Which is why I set up a second Linux server (BOX) which does have the option. I put BOX on an old UPS, so it had some protection. Though the old UPS didn't restart after power returned, so my network was crippled until I started it manually this morning. BOX is my internal network's DNS/DHCP/NTP server. It might be better off having no UPS for this machine.

Though I think that when I do get to when I do upgrade, it'll be a newer and heftier UPS for it.

Second, is a problem that I didn't expect. There seems to be some issue with my router restarting after power loss. And, this cuts me off from the outside world until the router is rebooted enough times to convince it to work again. What I'm thinking of doing is putting it on a dedicated UPS, where maybe the overkill of protection will keep it running for the duration of a typical 'major' outage. Which seems to be on average 3.5 hours.

Though since this might all be after I move, the definition of a 'major' outage might be different.

Down the road, there might be another SmartUPS for my HT setup....and I might also look at more runtime for these as well. I had a recording from 1am to 3am last night....which didn't happen....though part of the problem could be that there's no backup power for the cable node here, so I lost cable service during the outage anyways.

But, I think my first real priority is finding out if there's a way to silence all the darn beepers.

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