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'Box' Recovery in Progress


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'Box' Recovery in Progress

I managed to get 'box' up sufficient to run a backup....at least I thought I was running a backup :lalala:

There were some files lost during the repair of the filesystem, but none of them seemed critical for what I use the machine for....well, at least to the extent of the important uses of the machine (most of the damage affected its ability to do X and KDE).

At 11pm last night, the backup still had about 2 hours to go...so I went to bed :zz:

Then this morning I started the process of burning the mondoarchive ISO images and putting in the other 5040 harddrive. But, first I had to wait my ReplayTVs to do their net connect thing.

By the time they were all supposed to be done, only one had completed its connect. :??:

Turned out because of the poweroutage last Monday, the reboot cycle had shifted to be sometime Monday afternoon....and they all missed....so no more automatic net connects. The forced connected caused the machines to reboot, and then I had to force another to get them to actually connect.

Partly because of the DVArchive server effect, I have both my DVArchive servers scheduled to shutdown during the day on Tuesdays and Fridays....they previously mostly on a Friday reboot schedule (due to a power outage on October 28th). I also have scheduled backups running on the WiRNS/DVArchive box on Tuesdays and Fridays.... So, I suppose if I waited, they would've all rebooted on their own, etc. But, I was more interested in getting net connects out of the way before doing the restore (since 'box' is where gateway for the ReplayTVs is set to).

I guess it made sense that the only one that did a net connect on its own was "Number 7". Though "Number 5" and "Number 6" should've. Maybe I forgot to reboot "Number 6" after its upgrade to get the GetNextCall registry changes to take effect. Though it doesn't explain "Number 5", which was rebooted on the weekend when I changed my channel lineups.....(to using WiRNS for the channel maps, but DNNA for data...so Zones still work &#59;D)

Anyways...got to starting the restore...which got off to a rough start.

I had upgraded my machine from SuSE 8.2 to SuSE 9.3 back in September (between the Mondo backup done on the 3rd and the Mondo backup done on the 4th).

Turns out I forgot an important upgrade step....upgrade the backup software and/or make sure it still works.

My current and my immediately prior backups wouldn't restore (and it was my intent to only have two sets)....fortunately I hadn't thrown out the September 3rd images yet.

I had to boot the restore procedure from the September 3rd (SuSE 8.2) images, and do the restore. At first I was going to restore those files first, and then see what happens when I overlay the current filesets. Though it occurred to me shortly into that, that the restore program shouldn't care which filesets it does the restore from once it is running.

So, using the mindi :?: boot env from the September 3rd (SuSE 8.2) disc and then having it use the last nights backups as the restore source seems to be working. Though we'll see after I finish working my way through the 6 CDs that it occupied.

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