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broadband = News = More on WRT54GS Success (Now with 70% more failure!) - Users note new version not open-source, less powerful, and buggy


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broadband = News = More on WRT54GS Success (Now with 70% more failure!) - Users note new version not open-source, less powerful, and buggy

Link: http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/69522

After reading this article on Broadbandreports.com, I was started to worry that maybe I had put off buying a(nother) WRT54GS.

The intent was to get one to play with Talisman (without risking my working Alchemey setup). Though there is also the idea of having a backup or complicating my network by having two broadband connections.

Today, I was intending to do some shopping of a specific nature....along the way I stopped off at Best Buy and saw that they only have the new CGN6 version (v4)....I had heard wasn't as good as my current v1.1 router (less memory). BestBuy did have a $30 rebate offer...which would've made it a good deal if they had older units. As I continued my trek to the intended store, I decided to pop into OfficeMax to see what they had.

Well, OfficeMax also only has CGN6 routers. So, I continued on to the intended store and looked at the item I was thinking of buying.

Having now seen it for real and having handled it, I wasn't sure that it was what I really wanted and there were some other things I wanted to pick up at Walmart.

So, I started the trek back, stopping again (first time I went to Walmart was get some cash) at Walmart. As I was walking to get the few items that I had run out of at home, I decided to pop into the electronics area first. Went to check out there supply of WRT54GS routers.

Surprise 88|

They have one with a CGN3 serial number (the rest are all CGN6). I suddenly felt the need to get it. Since I would have checkout from there, I put it back on the shelf and quickly made my way around the store picking up the things I needed (spotting all kinds of stuff I wanted, I guess I'll be making another trip tomorrow :**:) and rushed back to buy the router.

And, that's about it, because I have no use for it at the moment. So, I'll just store the sealed box somewhere until I need it.

One of the possibilities is that when I move to my next job, I might really go the route of having two broadband connections. I had always wanted DSL and I heard that one of the places I'm looking at, they might actually offer dry DSLs (no phone service required). Which might be likely, since I currently live a landline free existence...and I'm not sure there's any value in getting landline again.

Oh well.....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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