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Burr! It's Cold...


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Burr! It's Cold...

Meanwhile, last night I decided to bite the bullet and book the flight that will get me to the reunion next month. Again it was something I had been putting off. Shortage of cash was a reason, but there was also the hope that I might be working/living somewhere else. And, perhaps involve a simplier flight arrangement. No non-stop flights from here to San Diego.

At first I was focused on getting the flight from AA, largely because I the closest to have a points balance with AA where I could probably use them for a nice free trip somewhere. The only other FF plan where I'm close, is Air Canada.

Well, the longer I put things off, the less availability of flights that would be compatible with the cruise times, and my need to be back at work the day after the cruise, was becoming a problem. And, the prices on what was left kept going up and up. This time I was putting things off, to try to put it on the next billing cycle....so that I could try to put off having to pay for the flight until after the Xmas holidays (in the hopes that the fat guy brings me extra cash for the holidays :)) ) But, I guess I'll just have to tap my relocation fund for this....

Well, I was checking the prices again earlier this week and saw that the flight I was interested in had broken $1000. And, there weren't much other options for flights from AA (to work with my other constraints). This meant it was time to look at other airlines to see what could be had. Since I can earn points on Air Canada for flying with Star Aliance partners...such as United. I started looking at those airlines...

Even as I was crunching through the booking process on Travelocity the price would go up...there was once where the flight disappeared before I could get to entering my payment info...though I was still hemming and hawing about whether I would make the booking as of yesterday morning.

But, with more time to think about it last night, I decided to take the plunge and book something.

I went with a flight from America West. :wave:

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