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Chimping Exposed!


  06:59:32 pm, by The Dreamer   , 162 words  
Categories: Digital Photography

Chimping Exposed!

Link: http://www.chimping.com

So, it has a name....and that name is "Chimping" :))

I had thought it was comical watching the photographer on the Sun Princess constantly looking down at her Nikon D1X's LCD after each shot or so.

I suppose over time, I'll develop or use this trait. But, I'm still old school where I just shoot lots of pictures and see later if I got the good one. And, sometimes a day or two would go by before I knew if I snapped the good one onto film.

The closest exception, would be the fact that my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 doesn't have an optical viewfinder....so I have to look at the LCD and sometimes I turn the autoreview back on. The default is for it to be on, but it is one of the features I automatically turn off because I want to maximize the speed at which I can fire away at in the quest to get that money shot. 88|

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