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Cruising and Vertigo


  02:05:10 am, by The Dreamer   , 725 words  
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Cruising and Vertigo

Link: http://www.ajc.com/blogs/content/custom/blogs/travel/entries/cruising/index.html

Well, I had my annual physical shortly before my 2nd cruise (probably shouldn't have, didn't really need to know that my Cholesterol was 225....though I didn't do anything about 'dieting' while on the cruise....&#59;D)

Anyways, I raised the concern that my existing dizziness/vertigo would make things worse when I'm on a ship.

I didn't get sea-sick on my first cruise, even though it was the Western Caribbean and there were a few rough days. But, I have occasionally become nauseous on dry land. The doctor wrote me a script for the patch.

Other than not putting it on until the first morning into the cruise (and being careful not to knock it off while in the shower... happened twice). I didn't experience any symptons. In fact most of the other symptons that I associate with the dizzienss/vertigo on dry land, I didn't experience.

It was like, being on a cruise ship was the cure for my unbalanced feeling. 88|

Wonder if I can get script that says I have live on a cruise ship for the rest of my life (at least until I being underweight is displaced by a different problem....:roll:)

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