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Depressed people have blogs?


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Depressed people have blogs?

Meanwhile....in line with my growing cruise addiction.....this latest cruise has given me two new ideas of near future cruises to consider. Namely, I'm thinking of doing an Australian/New Zealand cruise and a Mediterranean cruise. Though perhaps for the weirdest reasons....

During the most recent cruise, I really enjoyed listening to the band that was performing in the Crow's Nest on the Oosterdam (named Cruise Control). Especially the lead (female) singer's voice. It was so amazing. My cousin's fiancé also thinks so. On the last night of the cruise, they came over to chat with me during one of their breaks...on account that had been there most every night listening to them.... The singer's name is Tilly (which evidently, is short for Matilda....which I guess explains the 'joke' when they called her that a couple nights earlier, which was all lost on those of us listening....)

It came up that they are all from Tasmania...and she asked me something to the effect of if I had ever been there or ever planned to go there, and as it happened I had been researching Australian cruises earlier that day...and mentioned that I had been looking at taking a cruise around Autralian someday, but I think there's only the one port in Tasmania.... Though I think I was trying to findout where in Tasmania they were from, etc...though another listener had asked if any of them were married...and Tilly was. :.

Then the topic turned to how she would someday like to go on a cruise as a passenger, and that she was interested in doing a Mediterranean one. And, I've started thing that I might might really want to do that too.

Though to be proper...I had thought about doing it for years....though originally, I had been looking at doing it with Contiki. They had a greek island hopping tour. Though Contiki is for 18-35 year olds...so that ship has sailed.... :`(

Though it doesn't mean the idea of doing a cruise in that part of the world should be out for me.... &#59;)

I'm not sure I should've said that I kind of have a bias as Princess being a better cruise line than Holland America.....though I think its more because Princess was my first. Though I recall that when I was looking at Australian cruises....Princess was less expensive than Holland America....and given that I'm a solo cruiser...the lower the 'double occupany' rates are...the better it is when you apply the adjustment for me to go.....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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