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Got a 17" LCD Monitor


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Got a 17" LCD Monitor

Link: http://ubersoft.net/d/20050823.html

Anyways...back to the LCD. For some time I had been trying to decide what price point I would by an LCD to replace the CRT at. For a 17" widescreen, I was looking at forking out around $500. Which is more than I paid for the 18" 4:3 LCD monitor on my main computer. So I was figuring if I could find one for what I paid for the 18"...that would be my price point. $400. Though I hadn't decided if a remanufactured 17" WS LCD was the solution to get me under the price point.

More recently (but before I got laid off) I spotted 4:3 17" LCDs for under $200 (with rebate). And, I started giving these some serious consideration.

But I deferred the purchase until I finished paying for that cruise I had taken in June. And, then the layoff happened.

More importantly, the instant rebate promotion on the LCD monitor had expired. Now there were other 17" LCD monitors, but the involved mail-in rebates.

And, I've never been much of a fan of mail in rebates. Though I do them, since earlier I had that 250GB drive with the $50 mail-in rebate. Which is still sitting on a shelf until I decide what I'm going to do with it....I'm considering getting another one, upgrading what is current a 120 and 2 80s on my DVArchive server to be two 250s...later I plan to replace all 3 drives in my other DVArchive server with 250s....even though one of them is a 250 already (it is that remanufactured drive that I got to replace a drive that had failed...which has failed me as well, haven't gotten around to removing it...) More recently, I ordered MSMoney 2006 Deluxe, which hopefully I'll receive it in time to do the rebate...though I kind of needed to upgrade anyways, as my current version of 2003 is getting kind of dated. I've been using MSMoney to manage my debtsfinances since the 98 version.

But, now with the possibility of moving should I find that new career opportunity, etc. The hassle of waiting for a mail-in rebate seemed that much more complicated. So, I decided that it had to be under the $200 price point without involving a mail-in rebate. An instant rebate would be okay...

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