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Got a 17" LCD Monitor


  10:54:15 am, by The Dreamer   , 1303 words  
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Got a 17" LCD Monitor

Link: http://ubersoft.net/d/20050823.html

Now the monitor arrived on Tuesday....I was home for lunch that day working on some other stuff (job hunt related), so I was able to sign for it from FedEx without incident. Though I was sure the seller had UPS logos on the listing....

I set the box down and went back to work. Though I knew that I probably wasn't going to tackle it until much later. I had a phone interview with Yahoo! that evening. And, I'd probably be too fried to want to fiddle with anything computer related afterwards.

I was also physically drained that evening...nodded off a few times while sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring. But, my sleep (among other things) has been off since I got laid off....

And, true to what I predicted...I didn't feel like setting it up afterwards. In fact it took some effort to get into figuring out what TV show to watch. I got 100s of hours of stuff on my ReplayTVs, some over a year old, that I keep meaning to get around to watching...but nothing that strikes my present mood.

Strange, that I was thinking of taking time off from work to catch up on some of the shows (like the last half of last year's season of Alias and Lost, before the new season starts...) And, I'm find it difficult to watch the stuff now. Perhaps I keep being drawn to my computer to keep combing all the darn job boards.

Anyways....last night, as I was getting ready for bed...I decided to stop putting it off and set it up. And, there wasn't nothing special to mention about that...though the speakers built in are pretty poor, worse that the PC's built in speaker.

And, it makes the lousy video output from the computers there look even worse. I suppose I should've gone with a 15" LCD, since the native res would match at least my Windows box. The other two boxes connected to the display are Linux, with just the console display.

Oh well, now to decide if I'll attempt the CPU upgrade of my Linux router this weekend (or wait for the new heatsink I ordered to arrive after the long weekend).

Though last night I did start catching up my Alias, so maybe I'll burn the long weekend finally catching up on Alias and Lost. Though there are still others in the big back log....like Summerland, Everwood, The West Wing....

Plus my HD DVR is getting full of movies I've been recording....and of course I've been giving NetFlix a bit more of a workout lately....

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