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HP Photosmart 8450 and my Laptop


  10:16:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 303 words  
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HP Photosmart 8450 and my Laptop

Well, I tried to install the software on my laptop.

That proved to be a problem. It only gave two choices for install...install just the driver or install everything. Well, I kind of wanted the extras, such as the Instant Share (at least the implication is that I can print to my home printer using it when I'm on the road.)

Well, it installed way too much other stuff that I didn't need, including a network drive that pointed to the memory card reader in the printer. Kind of interesting, since I had considered using Network only for hooking my desktop to it...but opted to stay with USB connection. Though had I known, it wouldn't have constrained where I could locate the printer as much. Though having it close to my main computer is still a good thing.

Anyways, I decided that the setup was overkill and filled my notebook startup with all kinds of stuff that I needed to shed. So, I uninstalled and tried to see what would happen if I tried the light install.

Turns out the uninstall doesn't uninstall everything, just the device was removed (and all the startup and tray bits). Okay....but I went to access the Instant Share, and it said no printer connected....wonder if I've missed something, but how do I access the service if I'm not physically connected to the printers that I want to access?

Pop the CD in again to reinstall. Well, it didn't ask if I wanted a minimal or typical install...it just jumped straight into doing the typical install again. Cancel that and it does a restore, reboot, etc.

Oh well, maybe I do have to share the printer from my desktop...so that my laptop can access it. And, that's what I've ended up with.

So, how does Instant Share work?

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