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I'm back


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I'm back

Sort of.... :??:

I thought extending my stay in Achorage would allow me to be more leisure about leaving the ship this morning. And, it was, but now I have to be up even earlier than I would've from the ship to catch my flight home tomorrow.

And, I guess I screwed up my booking....and didn't notice until it was too late to notice that I didn't have any tour options selected for my stay in Whittier/Anchorage. So, I basically sat at the hospitality center guarding my hand luggage until the hotel would accept check ins. And, then that was about it.

I was a real struggle getting into the mood of eating 'normal' again. And, later I'll probably just go to bed early, even though I usually just sleep on the airplane :zz:

I suppose since it is going to stay bright for so long, perhaps I should wander around downtown a bit....though with the sun low, and the threat of rain...and being in the middle of a heat wave....it isn't actually that great.

Though there is problem with the fact that there is no A/C in the hotel room. :**:

At least there is complimentary high speed wireless Internet (802.11b).....&#59;D

I suppose in hindsight, I should've booked a cruisetour to go with this. Because now I don't know how interested I would be in coming back and doing just the land tour option (assuming that is possible).

Or doing an Alaskan Cruise again. Would likely look at doing another cruise somewhere else first. Just don't know how things will work out timing wise.

I suppose if I'm still gainfully employed with my present employer in FY2007...I'll plan on taking the Panama Canal cruise I've been thinking about.

Though I wonder where all the other cruises, such as Hawaii, Australlia, etc. fit in.

I suppose if I had a partner in all this, it would happen more often....and perhaps she'll give me a reason to do Alaska again. :))

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