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Linksys: HGA7T - High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors


  09:08:52 am, by The Dreamer   , 232 words  
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Linksys: HGA7T - High Gain Antenna Kit for TNC Connectors

Link: http://www.linksys.com/products/product.asp?grid=33&scid=38&prid=643

Since I switched to using the WRT54GS with Sveasoft...instead of the BEFSR81 + Netgear ME102...I've been having trouble with my WiFi connection.

Things drop to 1Mbps randomly..other times it stops completely. I have AP watchdog set, but it is kind of a strange kluge. At least I don't use channel 11, otherwise it would break the law every time the watchdog kicked in. Of course, cranking the power or changing antennas also deviates from the rules.

But, since I found out that the WRT54GS has TNC connectors and sells an antenna kit....I became torn on whether I should upgrade the antennas or go back to a standalone AP.

Since I went to all the trouble of upgrading my laptop to 802.11g, going back to the old ME102 isn't that interesting. And, compared to buying a pair of new D-Link DWL-7100AP...trying antennas seems a cheaper thing to try. So, that's what I just ordered.

Though the reason I've been looking at the DWL-7100AP is that it purports to do WDS bridging over 802.11a. Which could help ensure my neighbors don't interfere with the WiFi bridge that my home media devices (ReplayTVs, Momitsu V880N...and perhaps someday the HTPC HD-DVR I'm thinking of building) are on.

Of course, the other alternative is to let my laptops access the 802.11g WiFi bridge that I currently use. :lalala:

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Comment from: Travis [Visitor]

Alright… so you are a little more tech savvy than I am… okay, maybe a lot more. :p

I was actually doing a search for problems with the WRT54GS system and came across your blog and thought I’d check it out.

I used to be a systems admin about 3 years ago, but got completely out of IT just over a year ago. So, my knowledge is starting to go downhill… rather quickly. I’ve never used the wireless stuff and decided to eliminate all the freakin’ cat5e cables I have running through my room and switch to wireless. I’ve run into SEVERAL problems and have no clue where to start looking to get help. The systems that I have running through the wireless router, WITH cables seem to be fine. The two I have running WITHOUT cables are horrendous. I can’t get my laptop to access the internet, but it can find the network without problems. The other one seems to work… most of the time. It randomly freezes while accessing some sites, and more recently, the program for the wireless card simply turns itself off and I can’t get it to come back without rebooting.

The laptop is Windows XP and the desktop is Windows 2000.

Any suggestions??

03/08/05 @ 11:24
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