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Meanwhile...got another OneTouch II


  07:42:41 am, by The Dreamer   , 354 words  
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Meanwhile...got another OneTouch II

Link: http://www.buy.com/prod/Maxtor_300GB_OneTouch_II_FireWire_and_USB_Hard_Drive/q/loc/101/10382114.html

The stuff on my main desktop has grown to exceed the capacity of the current Maxtor OneTouch II that the system is backed up to. So, it is time to get another drive. I'm also thinking that I'll switch the connections to USB 2.0 from Firewire. Though that may involve the addition of another USB 2.0 hub.

I had intended to get this around this time, though the recent spat of drive failures wasn't part of the plan. Plus there was also the plan to upgrade the first drive [120GB] in my main desktop. But, I guess now I'm going to wait for 500GB drives to come down in price. :P

Meanwhile, I've decided that my plan of action for resurrecting my dead ReplayTV, will be to use the Seagate 250GB OEM drive I recently added to my WiRNS/DVArchive server as addition DVArchive storage. And, when the new drive arrives (which ships later today by UPS Ground from IL), it will become the additional storage for DVArchive.

So, there'll be a process where I work to move shows between DVArchive servers, reorganize my current distribution, and/or prune what is currently in my archive.

The hard part, is that the ReplayTV I lost was part of my archive strategy. A large portion of the content was stuff that I considered archive, so wasn't on my DVArchive servers. Though partly because it was more of benefit to the Poopli community. Though there were a couple of series where I had fallen behind and hadn't gotten watching yet.

Like "Battlestar Galactica"...I didn't watch any of the first season while it was airing. Just before the second season started, I did a marathon watch of the whole thing and it seemed to hook me. And, at first I was following the second season closely. But, then other new shows crept in and I got busy...so I haven't watched the last half of season 2. It is among my list of things todo &#59;D

The other is the airing of Firefly on SciFi, but I plan to buy the DVDs so that might not be so bad.....:lalala:

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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