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Migrate Easy to 250GB drive


  02:31:21 am, by The Dreamer   , 232 words  
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Migrate Easy to 250GB drive

Link: http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/migrateeasy/

Well, today after a spent day combing the job boards...I decided to take some time for myself.

I purchased Acronis' Migrate Easy 7.0, and proceeded to try upgrading my old W2K bookpc from 80GB to 250GB.

Everything seemed to go smoothly, though I tested the recovery CD and it wouldn't work in the machine. Didn't try the safe recovery disk, though not having USB and such is kind of useless...since that would limit recovery efforts....like my backup is a Maxtor OneTouch II.

Anyways...I then switched the drive and started to boot. Couldn't remember how to get into the BIOS, tried tapping on the usual suspects. But, it would keep continuing through the boot. Finally, I just wailed on the one....and then it did go in. Probably punishment for turning on quick boot.

Noticed a problem....the BIOS can only see 137.4GB of the disk.

Letting it continue, at first it looked okay....only some minor weirdness....but each successive reboot (and there were two, as part of it detecting a new [system] disk....) things kept deteriorating.

So, mad scramble to switch back to the old disk....so WiRNS (and my ReplayTVs) can stay happy.

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