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Need that new UPS


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Need that new UPS

It is starting to get extremely annoying with my UPS.

The slightest power glitch (which tend to occur with regular occurrence now) causes one of two things to happen. Either the power does a short blink or brownout, and my computer shutsdown and stays down.

Or, there's a slightly longer blink, and the UPS drops everything. Which causes my computer to reboot (because I have it set to ON after power loss).

The thing is I did order that UPS I had talked about. But, TigerDirect is delaying for some reason. They had it 'in stock' at one point...but they say they are doing a warehouse upgrade which can delay things. Though the other items in the order have shipped already. Including the 250GB harddrive I recently blogged about, which originally was out of stock. The UPS is listed as 'in process'....so does that mean they are trying to find where the inventory is? :**:

2005-08-10: There's a letter on TigerDirect.com's website....explaining why the in-stock UPS I ordered on July 27th still hasn't appeared.


Apparently a new order handling system that they tested 4 times, but failed under load. Ummm, isn't load testing supposed to be a test criteria? Working in software, I've dealt with companies that were the opposite. Like recently a company had a requirement that to do 10,000 X a day, so during testing, they try to do 10,000 X in an hour and complained that they were unable to attain their desired performance goal.

While we know there are performance issues in the product, and there are a few outstanding fixes that may never get in....because new developers need to ramp up on product knowledge and then they need to understand or make their own changes. Trying to test a condition 24x worse than required and saying that it failed because it didn't do it isn't a reason (given that I heard that if the error in test scale was corrected, and with one particular outstanding fix, it probably would've passed).

Anyways...the letter from TigerDirect goes on to say that they hope to have the matter resolved in the next 7 days.

The only reason I'm waiting is because it would be too much trouble to cancel and try to get it from somebody else. Especially since the only alternative I had researched would pass the order over to TigerDirect anyways. Plus TigerDirect has already charged the full shipping cost of my order, even though they haven't shipped it all yet. And, the UPS is kind of the heaviest part....

Meanwhile, my landlord plans to replace the A/C units in the entire property. Hopefully it won't cause issues that having a working UPS would cover. Though being without A/C during the day...during the hottest month of the year seems like a really strange time to do this.

It was during mid-August day...when there was a partial outage (transformer went, and only one phase fried....and dropped to about 40VAC) While I lost some stuff due to the electrial fault, I also lost one computer due to overheating.

Though later there was the factor where the power drop caused the A/C side of the HVAC system to not work, but also caused the heat side to be stuck on. Though I didn't find out until my gas bill jumped by 2000%. :##

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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