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New hdc


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New hdc

Well, by the time I got home for lunch UPS has already made a delivery attempt. So, I made a side trip to the lease office on the way back to work to fetch the drive.

Later when I got home after work...I set about to install the drive in place of the failed (remanufactured) Maxtor 6Y250P0, that I had gotten in exchange for one that failed under warranty....

I partitioned it up....having not previousily noted that it was only using 2GB out of the 4GB swap partition I had created, I again created a 4GB partition and the rest as the filesystem. Oh well, I guess what's 2GB these days....

I'm going with a slow format with a read-write badblock scan. Just to prove to myself that the drive is safe, before I commit some important files to it. At the rate things are going...it'll be tomorrow before I can mount it. :zz:

Meanwhile, I went off to process the rebates. It was an OEM drive, so no packaging...and the first rebate wants me to include the serial number. Oops, its installed....and busy formatting, I don't want to stop and take things apart again just to get the serial number.

Well, the first rebate is only for $10 and it only needs a copy of the receipt plus serial number. The second rebate is for $50....and it says original UPC and original receipt. It's with OnRebate, so I have to go online to generate the form.

Well, the darn online form wants the serial number. Worse, the printed form has a spot where I'm supposed find a serial number barcode and stick on. Well, excuse me...but I don't feel like ripping off the "warranty void if removed" stickers from my harddrive to satisfy that requirement. There's nothing else with the drive, since it was OEM.
Well, I pop the front of the computer and figure out the serial number of the drive....at least I think it is the right number. It fits the description of what Seagate says is the serial number (starts with a number, followed by two letters and is 8 characters).

So, off go the two rebates. Now TigerDirect claims they guarantee their rebates. Though it wasn't really a big thing when I bought it. Just that I wanted to 250GB or 300GB drive to replace my failing 250GB drive....and I decided to go with Seagate this time around, instead of Maxtor.

Though TigerDirect.com also has the 300GB Maxtor (DiamondMax 10?)...for a somewhat less before rebate price....and only a $45 mail-in rebate on it....so the after rebate it's about the same. I might still get this, to replace the other drive.

Basically depends on my mood and the timing....only allowed one rebate per household per rebate period on the Seagate.... I think the rule is the same on the Maxtor, but that's a different drive/rebate. &#59;D

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