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Phew...it is hot outside....


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Phew...it is hot outside....

...and humid.

I kind of knew that it would be, but it is the first time since the cruise that I had set foot outside of my apartment for any length of time.

First sign is that I've been working out my A/C much more than in the past now. Finding I can't tolerate where I've been setting the thermostat normally (80-90F depending on which end of the apartment I'm on). Yet, I haven't dared to set it to where I really would like. It is probably going to lead to a really steep electric bill going forward. Of course, just before I left for the cruise, I got hit with the balloon payment on my budget electric plan. More than double what my monthly budget amount was. I knew it was going to be high, but it did catch me a little off guard.

While my gas is also on a budget plan, but the end of plan amount is that I should pay less than the budget amount to avoid creating a credit balance. Last year, it resulted in several months where I didn't have to pay my bill because there was such a significant credit. It is in part due to the historical data contain the fact that the heat was stuck on 24/7....which made my gas bill even higher during the summer than in the winter. It didn't help my electric bill that much either...having the A/C work to overcome the heating system and somehow bring some relief to me. At least I shouldn't have it running 24/7 during the summer and lose ground in keeping cool. Though the electric company seems to use a different window for its baseline for setting my budget amount, while a review of my bill, shows that the baseline grows a little bit year over year. About 100-150kWh. Probably all the extra computers I leave on 24/7...or the impact of the added equipment in my living room (such as the HDTV, though I had expected its usage to be comparable to my old TV...its probably all the ReplayTVs &#59;) )

Anyways...this raises the question, should I plan my future vacation escapes to occur in the summer or in the winter. Since I don't like the heat as much....it would make sense to do summer. Though I do find it strange having to travel somewhere where I need a jacket, etc. It is one thing where I can 'comfortably' where a winter jacket and then shed it during the vacation....it is another where it is something that I would wear, to avoid wasting luggage space on storing a bulky jacket....

Though I'll have to sit down a revise my luggage plan. Guess a new suitcase or two is in order, since the airline doesn't seem to like the one I have now....

I still want to find something to occupy my mind/time during the upcoming Xmas holidays....yet it is such an expensive time to travel.

Hmmm, wonder how serious can I look towards taking another cruise....it'll be scary, 3 cruises in one year. :crazy:

Hmmm, another cruise of Western Caribbean, but by Carnival this time....~$1450 (for bunk bed configuration....about $400 more for convertible twins) That doesn't seem to be that bad compared to other travel options during the time of year. The gears are starting to spin!!! :idea:

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