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Pioneer DVR-109 DVD Burner


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Pioneer DVR-109 DVD Burner

I've actually gotten a bunch of new toys this week....the result of some heavy online shopping during the Memorial Day long weekend.

So far not all that much to blog about. But, one of the things I did was I bought this DVD burner.

In the last couple months I've been using my old DVD burner (a Pioneer DVR-106D) more and more....2-3 discs a week....is what I define as more. Because of the long drawn out process of getting to burn, it is usually late Sunday night when I'm trying to burn some discs so I can take them into work on Monday.

So, 4x seems to be slow.

A couple months ago, I remember explaining to somebody that different drives...different media compatibility....to where only certain 16x discs will actually burn at 16x, etc.

What happened? Well, I got this spindle of 100 16x discs....in anticipation of someday getting a 16x burner. They burn okay at 4x in my 4x burner, I had checked to make sure they would be compatible with it. Because the other neat thing about the media/burner compatibility is that faster media doesn't necessary work in slower drives. At least that's what I've been told. Though I've admittedly had little experience on different drives and/or media.

Case in point...the 16x discs (Optodisc) will only burn at 4x under the current (and latest) firmware in my DVR-109. So, I'm no faster than I was before.

Not sure if I want to buy some other maker's 16x discs now...or wait and see if Pioneer adds greater than 4x speed support to these discs.

I've almost used up the 50 spindle of the 4x discs that I started with....and I do have a few shorter spindles around, except those ones are the branded discs...which don't label very well in my thermal transfer printer (Casio CW75).

Wonder at what point will I break and try out some DLs in this drive....

Meanwhile, I've decided that I need to address the latest development....the need for more disk space. Somehow the 250GB drive in my desktop (in addition to the original 120GB drive) is no longer adequate for my needs.... And, this growth is storage needs is in addition to need to add space to my other servers....

I'd kind of like to go RAID 5 as my next big disk...because there are two reasons for needing to do backups....protection against a hardware failure and protection against accidentally deletion. So far most of the restores I've had to do at home are due to the first reason. And, the big problem is the number of 35GB tapes it takes to back stuff up is getting out of control. So, I'm starting to go without....though I've though about disk to disk, but I don't have much faith in believing that somehow the disk that is selected to be the backup disk is somehow going to be so unlikely to fail compared to the live disks.

Still, I might get one or two as a supplement to my current backup strategy...though it might also replace some of the 'less' important things that are getting harder and harder to backup....namely all the big media files, some of which are the disk areas between the NVE and BurningROM steps....

Oddly perhaps because I have less faith in CD-Rs/DVD-Rs as long term archival medium....yet digital photography has pretty much taken over my traditional photography (and probably this way for lots of other people)...so there's going to be more and more digital media that I want to keep safe. Yet there's already stuff from my past that was digitally recorded that are no longer accessible to me, and there's even stuff is gone forever. I especially miss all the old archives I had on Lunatic Haven.....and more important some saved chats with people on Mars Hill....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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