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ReplayTV and OTA HD vs SA8000HD


  12:47:53 pm, by The Dreamer   , 288 words  
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ReplayTV and OTA HD vs SA8000HD

Now, I've been toying with the idea of getting an EyeTV 500 and a Mac Mini. Pretty much the issue is when and how much more will it end up costing me. Pretty much it'll be a fully loaded 1.42GHz machine....things like 1GB of RAM, the Superdrive, Bluetooth with Wireless keyboard/mouse (since the box will be under my TV while I'll be sitting on the sofa....) Pretty much the only thing I'll leave out is Airport Extreme. Because there's a 16-port switch on my HT rack that I can plug into....

Though I'll need other extras...like figuring out how to display on my HD set....DVI switchers aren't cheap...especially since right now only one device requires HDCP....don't know of any remote switchers for VGA, might look at component video....I have a DVI-I to Component video adapter somewhere in my stash. And, extra storage...and someway to do digital 5.1 audio from it.

I guess I'll shelve the getting a new laptop plan....the laptop was supposed to be a Mac (iBook)....but the whole HTPC (or is that HTMac) HD-DVR project....something other than a laptop might be more practical.

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