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SA8000 HD DVR: Dead Again


  10:07:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 301 words  
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SA8000 HD DVR: Dead Again

I guess it was too good to last....my HD DVR has failed me again.

This time it was kind of more interesting....I turned it on, and it was stuttering. I pressed LIST, and many of my recented recorded programs were showing start and end times the same.

Uh oh. U-(

Another odd thing I noticed was that part of the onscreen graphic around the list display was missing. Later I noticed that pressing INFO twice, resulted on black on nearly black information display....guess all the onscreen graphics for that screen was missing?

I started pruning out the bad recordings, and looking to see which I can re-record at a later point...when the box rebooted itself.

Afterwards..."There may be a problem with your harddrive". I tried numerous reboots, to no avail.

So, I called Time Warner customer support. After navigating numerous menus and spending about 20-25 minutes on hold, I got somebody. Explained the problem, was asked if I had already tried rebooting and unplugging. Then asked me to reboot again anyways while I was on the phone. Suggesting that she could send something to my box during the time that might make a difference.

It didn't.

Still harddrive problems....plus it was having trouble with live TV....like it would try to buffer a couple of seconds and then freeze to a grey screen. And, LIST continued to report that there may be a problem.... :**:

Oh well, now I have to wait for them to come over and replace it on Tuesday. And, I had a lot of stuff on it that I wanted to watch. Though most of the movies will probably come on again (or I can try renting them from NetFlix....) And, the TV shows....well, that's where BitTorrent can save the day.... :lalala:

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