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Today is upgrade day.


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Today is upgrade day.

For some reason today is the day.

At work, I'm upgrading an IBM pSeries Server (model 615 6E3) to be a dual boot AIX 5.2 and AIX 5.3 QA machine.

The machine was originally delivered with a pair of 36GB drives, one as rootvg and the other as vg00. A 73GB drive was ordered for it, and moved vg00 over to this drive (extendvg->migratepv->reducevg)...so that the old 36GB drive would become the AIX 5.3 disk.

Used alt_disk_install to clone the rootvg to hdisk1 and next is to upgrade that system to 5.3. Wrote a pair of scripts so switching between the two will be braindead easy....once somebody cracks the root password (actually, I've already given it out...) I thought about sudo, but that's too much work and once I'm gone...there'll be no more control on who has the root password, etc.

Problem right now is that the attention light comes on everything the machine is booted, it is reporting a scsi bus problem. Since the only change was the 73GB drive, it is suspect.

Meanwhile, at home...I found 4 boxes waiting for me....though they weren't part of my home upgrade plan for tonight, but I might be doing additional upgrades now.

Back on August 28th, I ordered Microsoft Money 2006 Deluxe. Decided it was time to finally upgrade from Microsoft Money 2003 Deluxe. The only mistake I made was to add an import CD [Superbeautifulmonster by Bif Naked] to the order, which delayed everything because free shipping also requires everything to go out together. Last Friday I gave up the wait, and upgraded to standard shipping and changed to allow things to come separately.

Once I did this, they shipped the MSMoney 2006 Dlx on Saturday and it arrived on Monday. The it became a question of when to do the upgrade. Since once a week on Wednesday mornings, I have some cron/scheduled tasks that generate offsite archives of my MSMoney file. I figured Wednesday would be a good day to do this.

Then yesterday, Amazon.com emailed that the CD would further be delayed...possibily another 4-6 weeks and asked whether I wanted to continue waiting or not....I think I'll try ordering it directly from some Canadian CD site.

Now, I use Ultrasoft's Pocket Money on my Palm Tungsten|T...so it was time to upgrade from version 3.x to 4.x, to get support for MSMoney 2006. So, I ordered that this morning and preped my T|T for the upgrade (moved the application from FlashROM to RAM)...then I decided that while I was at it, I might as well upgrade all the other applications I recall seeing updates for...but hadn't gotten to updating on there. So, I downloaded the latest versions of all the Tealpoint Software that I own, the latest Datebk5 and PocketTunes. And, I seem to recall that BackupBuddy had an update, so I'll probably check for that after I'm all done.

Now, in amongst the packages received today....there's a 250GB harddrive and 3 firewire drive enclosures. One is specifically for a future plan to someday upgrade my desktop....which uses SATA drives, so it should be a firewire to SATA drive enclosure. The other two don't really have a specific purpose, though one will be to add a 250GB or 300GB drive to my WiRNS/DVArchive server. (either the 250GB drive I just received, or a 300GB drive I just ordered this morning). Whether I get to doing that upgrade tonight, remains to be seen. I'll probably defer it to the weekend....I got 2 day service for the 300GB drive, so it'll probably be here for the weekend. Another option is upgrade the last unupgraded ReplayTV to either 250 or 300, but I'm probably not going to do that...because the fall season has started and there is no pressing need to add more space on that side of things. So, the other drive will probably go in my Linux DVArchive server.

Anyways...one of the (two) regular firewire to PATA IDE enclosures will be to add another drive to my WiRNS/DVArchive server. And, the other is earmarked to house a DVDROM drive for my desktop, since I plan to displace the DVDROM drive in it with a DVD burner at some point. Again, a lot of future stuff that might not happen until I find a good time to get at the machine....like after the next time I move :crazy:

But, the one thing that did arrive today that I might tackle tonight is the 'new' box I got off of eBay to hopefully resolve the stability problems I'm having with my Linux 'box'. It is a Dell Optiplex GX110 SFF PC...it has a 600MHz Celeron, but no RAM or HD. So, both of these items from my old box (a Dell Optiplex GX100 Desktop PC w/433MHz Celeron) will get moved over. Hopefully, this kind of move will go smoothly, since it won't be that easy to revert back if it doesn't. Maybe I'll hold off until the weekend, in case things do get complicated.

Well, back to fiddling with the AIX box....

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