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Upgrade my BB7100t to 4.0


  09:06:30 pm, by The Dreamer   , 194 words  
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Upgrade my BB7100t to 4.0

Well, after hearing that 4.0 was out for the BB7100t...I decided to try doing the update. Hoping that it would allow certain apps to work without BES...alas, no such luck.

What I did get instead was a near death experience.

At the reboot step in the update....507 error. :..(

And, my PC would no longer detect the 7100t. So, I couldn't rerun the
application loader to try again. After much panic, I rebooted both the 7100t
and my computer...and eventually, it detected it again...so that I could load
4.0 onto it. Though everything else seemed to be lost. But, I took a chance
and restored a backup...and everything seemed to come back. Except for the
service books and the IM client. But, followed the steps in the upgrade
document to get those back. I had a Feedburner beta that I had installed
online which was also missing, but I wasn't using it...so I won't really miss
it except the minor impact it makes to my menus.

At least the message about 'error processing policy file', and the red X,
everytime Desktop Manager starts...until I click OK...is gone.


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