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Upgraded 'box' from SuSE 8.2 to 9.3


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Upgraded 'box' from SuSE 8.2 to 9.3

After I burned the various CDs, I felt that it was time to attempt the upgrade.

Next obstacle...was it couldn't seem to mount the old root partition for the upgrade....after combing through the appropriate SDB entry and fiddling with my fstab, it turned out the answer is the it expects '/' to be the first filesystem in the fstab....well, /dev/hda1 is swap and /dev/hda2 is '/' (and that's all there is to the disk)...and original 8.2 put the entries in partition order. Switching it so '/' was first and then swap, got the upgrade to continue to the next problem.

The package selection conflicts....there were many, some due to obsolete packages, others that weren't supported. The two main ones that stood out, other than its dislike for mondo, was that it didn't like inetd (wanting xinetd going forward) and dhcp-server.

I could adapt to using xinetd, since I've become used to fiddling with that at work. But, not allowing me keep dhcp-server...that's a problem. Since, the primary purpose of 'box' is to be a dhcp server. Serving out reserved IPs for my ReplayTVs (and a few other devices, like my VoIP boxes...since bandwidth shaping is IP based). I continued the upgrade anyways, and that went pretty much smoothly. Except that it ignored some of my configuration settings...like changing the default init state to 5 (instead of 3....it is kind of hard to run X on a Celeron 433, and BOINC, and....) Plus I have no need for it, since the monitor is usually over on Gumby (and I can use VNC or SSH to do what I need on the 'box').

Once I confirmed that the other key functions of the 'box' were alright, I worked on getting dhcp working again. And, then configuring xinetd.

And, with that I switched back to working on the Poopli CLI Updater work.

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