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Vonage SimulRing :- a mixed blessing


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Vonage SimulRing :- a mixed blessing

A long standing problem I've had, is when I reserve a cab to take me to the airport in the morning. Is that they invariably have trouble finding my apartment.

This results them in calling me at my home number. Because I use it to make the reservation, because they use caller id (or something) and sometimes know where I'm at. If I use my cell phone number, they don't get it right....because I could've been anywhere needing a cab.

But, when I'm waiting for the cab to get me...I'm usually all ready to go moments before the time rolls around (or somewhere afterwards, depending on how much trouble they are having) And, making my way over to the phone is a hassle.

So, this time I thought about having my home number forwarded to my cell phone...though I was worried about whether I could control the settings from remote, because once I get past the taxi issue...I don't really need it anymore. And, I could do without the junk calls being forwarded to my cellphone. Also I'm not a fan of pay 20 cents a minute to retrieve voicemail by cell, etc. Plus T-Mobile seems to enjoy reseting my voicemail regularly....requiring me to go through the lengthly setup process again.....and again.

It then occurred to me that I have this feature called SimulRing. I played around with it quickly and it seemed to work pretty good. Both my Vonage and Cellphone ring, the Caller ID information is available at both, and I can answer from either. And, providing I don't hit Ignore on my cellphone...the call will drop over to Vonage's voicemail system.

The taxi driver did call me, looking for directions on how to get to me. Which is really bad, because he's asking somebody who doesn't drive (which is kind of why I want a taxi) at all for directions....and it was nice being able to resolve that with less hassle.

But, later it started getting annoying with all the junk calls that were passing through to my cellphone. Plus, the purpose of my trip was for a job interview...so getting calls on my cellphone during an interview is kind of bad.... Though I did set the phone to vibrate, so it was only a distraction for me. Perhaps I should've taken the extra steps to silence it. There's a key toggle to switch to vibrate only, but it requires menu navigation to select some other mode.

I didn't have the opportunity during the interview to see if I could get to the Vonage site using the Blackberry browser to change options. Perhaps I'll have to investigate this in the future....

Perhaps before my next cab ride....

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