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WRT54GS & Lingo


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WRT54GS & Lingo

Well, I removed some of the wiring nest...and worked in the WRT54GS.

Everything went smoothly...the only tweaks afterwards mainly involved getting PRTG and WallWatcher working again.

With WallWatcher, the WRT54GS seems to log way more. Or perhaps the old router was just ignoring more. Though it could just be interface that logging is done at. One thing I started seeing was all the broadcast noise on the WAN interface. Guess it explains why the activity light on the Cable Modem is on solid, even when I'm not doing anything.

After things were relatively stable, I added the Lingo adapter to the mix and played around with that. There doesn't appear to be any issues in there being both a Lingo and a Vonage adapter.

The final thing was to play around with QoS. I didn't make any changes to what I had configured yesterday, and things seem to be acceptable.

Naturally the moment I connected living room back to the Internet....my upstream saturated...though not to the extent it was before (due to QoS). I then did some speed tests from DSLreports. I was about to get 450 (out of 512) for upstream...once....which is good, because the QoS up limit is 450 (the down limit is set to 4500, out of 5000). The down was about 3500....but ever since RR bumped the caps up....it has been hard to find a DSLreports speed test that can reliably exercise my downstream. Though I was able to on occasion see the downstream speed using RoadRunner's speedtest in the 4-5 range.

Since all my ReplayTVs are set to Bulk...and my desktop is set to Express (while the VoIP boxes are Premium)...I feel relatively confident that the settings are working.

Kind of hard to really test voice, when it is just me. But, I did call from Vonage to Lingo and talk to my answering machine...so at least both were active at the same time and consuming bandwidth. While this was happening, Wallwatcher was busing logging the packets from the adapters....I tried filtering the traffic based on IP, but Vonage kept changing IPs...so I ended up filtering by local port. I don't recall the old router being this verbose for UDP streams, but I suppose the WRT54GS logs each individual packet...while the old router silently didn't log repeated packets.

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