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  11:13:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 196 words  
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SCI FI To Air New Doctor Who


Good news...they are going to air the series in the US.

Maybe I don't need to add Canada as somewhere I'll consider moving find work. &#59;D

Unfortunately, SciFi is a standard cable channel it'll be hazzy analog 4:3. I was kind of hoping to get the DVDs (eventually) so I can enjoy new Doctor Who's that fill my entire screen.

Wonder if SciFi will run season two in sync with either the BBC or CBC?

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  11:04:44 pm, by The Dreamer   , 229 words  
Categories: General, DVDs / NetFlix

Firefly & Serenity


Well, I guess now is the time to plan to do some marathon watching of this.

I had kind of watched it on Fox way back when...but it was during the days when Adelphia was my cable company, and they had it in for Fox. The signal was horrible and often absent was worse than snow...but no video type problems, and it was only Fox that was suffering.

I missed an episode or two because of this, and not just the ones that never aired. But, I loved the show and wanted more...and not just because Jewel Staite was in the show....

When the DVDs for the TV series came out, I got the right away....but I haven't yet gotten around to watching them. Probably because I already have too much other stuff that needs watching &#59;D

But, now that I have received the DVD for the movie....probably time for me to watch. :P

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  02:16:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 12 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Computer, Travel

Additional Desktop Wallpaper Images from my past Cruise Vacations

Feeling inspired, I came up with two more desktop wallpaper images.... &#59;D

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  02:40:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 366 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Quicken/TurboTax

TurboTax Premier 2005


Well, decided that today would be a good day to....

ummm....okay, install TurboTax.

The install was pretty ordinary, but since the reason to install now was to be hitting them up for the regular updates that come out....I started it up and tried to do an update.


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  01:13:22 am, by The Dreamer   , 88 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Computer, Travel

My New Desktop Wallpaper

I decided it was time to update the wallpaper on my computer, and I was thinking I wanted something 'cruise' themed. Though I couldn't find anything online, when I thought to myself...haven't I shot anything during any of my cruises that might do the trick.

I found this image....scaled and cropped to fit my 1280x1024 desktop, and it looks great.

The Arch at Cabo San Lucas

Though this image is scaled down even further to fit the constraints of my blogging package....

The wallpaper is available for download from my Photo Gallery

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  10:31:35 pm, by The Dreamer   , 14 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


I rated this 4 stars, though 4.5 would've been more right.


  11:43:07 am, by The Dreamer   , 272 words  
Categories: General

False - Empty Search Queries?


Since upgrading my blog software to 0.9.1, I hardly get any reefer spam. Which is a great thing. :>>

Now that the software doesn't offer stats to users, there is no stats to spam. I guess the spammers are only interested if they can manipulate my stats.

What had been showing up (incorrectly) in the back office, were the visits caused by Reclassifying them as search didn't really help, because how queries are encoded into the URI don't match the patterns used. So, they appeared falsly as 'Empty Search Queries'.

After much search on the subject, I decided to delve into the php code and kluge something up to make it work.

This is because now it is kind of interesting seeing what kind of searches are bring people to my blog. Both the ones of no/low relevance and the ones that actually match something that I've experienced. Unfortunately, the link that the search site stores for the result isn't necessarily always the best can't tell if the person did a deeper reading to find the actual article on the subject. A lot of the crawlers seem to only record the results of a category or a date (range/period) rather than the specific post.

Still it is interesting, if only the table of recent searches was bigger....'cause sometimes it scrolls quickly (other times it drags....&#59;D)

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  07:12:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 368 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Hardware, Travel, Scanner

New Scanner is here....


....and it is a bust.

Installed the software, restarted....restarted....restarted....restarted....:##

Uninstalled the software....restarted....installed newer version of the software (actually it was try to upgrade software, which caused the uninstall/restart, then install)....restarted....restarted....restarted....:##

Seems there's a conflict between the scanner driver and other services, namely the UPS management software. :**:

Uninstall everything...restarted....restarted....restarted....>:XX

It messed something up on my system, and I can't get things to work again.

Try using the dreaded "System Restore"......

:??: There's only two restore points :??:

And, they were intermediate points during the initial software installation :!:

Use the oldest one anyways.....yeah, my machine started all the way through again! :.

What am I going to do with the scanner now? haven't even gotten to try connecting it yet

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  10:29:28 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: Robots

  07:41:51 pm, by The Dreamer   , 187 words  
Categories: Momitsu V880N, DVDs / NetFlix

Darn Screensaver and Open DVD Tray

Darn, I got hit by the annoying screensaver/DVD tray bug in my Momitsu V880N again. I wonder if they'll ever issue a software fix for it.

The annoying bug is if I have the DVD tray open and forget about it for a while, and the screensaver kicks in.

The screensaver closes the DVD tray. But, as far as the DVD player is concerned the tray is still 'OPEN' :o

And, then the open/close operations don't work (except to show that it thinks it is doing it on the display), it won't load the DVD that was in the tray (if there was one).

Fortunately, hard power cycling the unit seems to get it out of its confused state. But, it seems if the screensaver is going to automatically close the tray for me, it should it do it right. So, that I can open it later (rather than it waking up and thinking it is already open and staying all confused.....)

Perhaps I just need to set the screensaver even longer (than the current 15 minutes). Its not like there's burn-in to worry about....


Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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