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b2evolution 0.9.2 "Sparkle" released


Actually, it had been for a few weeks....

But, decided it was time to tackle the chore of figuring out what had changed and merging them into my customized installation.

All seems to have gone well, and everything appears to be working.


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Annoying cookie issue with Firefox


I've been suffering with an annoying cookie problem with that after a week or so, cookies for sites that I visit regularly...but not every day....get lost. >:-(

I finally did a Google search on the subject...and apparently there's a set limit of only 1000 cookies in Firefox, and the parameter to allow you to adjust it doesn't show in about:config.

But, adding network.cookie.maxNumber allows you to control things and I put in 65535. Wonder if I'll run into this limit elsewhere.... to update my other Firefox instances....:wave:

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The death of dialup....

Long after I got broadband service, I continued to have a dialup ISP account. Namely with IBM->ATT Global->Business Net (I think that's how it evolved).... I was principally using the account so that I could access the Internet when traveling, though I did occasionally have to use it as backup for when my broadband was down. And, there was also the gap during my last move.

But, about a year and half now, I've been living landline free at home. So, using it as backup to my broadband....just doesn't work anymore. And, the amount of travel I do is so very little, and just about everywhere I've gone...there has been some kind of WiFi access. Free or Pay.

About the only reason I'm truly hesitant to give up the account, is the email address. For a long time it was my stable, non-free, non-personalized email address (and not dependent on any of the domains that I have registered....) Which was supposed to mean that it was the most reliable way to reach me. Except that it is 99.999% spam these days...and that's at a rate of 100's of messages per day.

So, I think it will be time to finally cancel my dialup account. Even though the monthly savings will be insignificant compared to the upcoming change in lifestyle....:**:

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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