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PageFile fustration


Ever since I started running Yahoo! Widgets and lots of widgets, memory has been really tight on my system. And, early on I got the low VM warning. So I had bumped my pagefile settings to 3 times memory.

Today, I got back into processing shows into DVDs, and I got the low VM warning again. Scratching my head....I went to bump the pagefile settings again....except I noticed that it wasn't using my settings.

After dozen or so reboots and various other hair pulling....I decided to plug yet more key words into Google to see if it would shed some light. Never would of guessed that it was a really old problem and that it was related to the Norton AntiVirus 2004 that I have on my computer.

But, this was it:

He was using Norton AntiVirus 2004 (version The computer where I noticed this problem was also using NAV 2004. After a few days, he noted that the "fix" is still holding. Specifically, turning "Auto-Protect -> Advanced -> Load Auto-Protect during system boot" on and off is sufficient to re-introduce and then to clear the bug (the failure to honor page file changes across a reboot).

Now I have a pagefile of 4095MB....should be plenty of VM. Though someday I'll up the machine to 2GB of memory. No immediate plans to upgrade yet. Probably gonna wait until Vista before I do, if I do....

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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