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Recent Memory Upgrades

Recently, I upgraded the memory in both of my Linux machines.

It started, because due to my network changes, I had new services I needed to run on my already overworked Windows 2000 machine. Namely, I added WallWatcher(and WW2DShield) and DirectUpdate.

Since this machine is i815 based, and has its maximum 512MB installed...and thrashes quite regularly....I decided to dump PRTG from it and go to running MRTG on one of my Linux boxes. Not really sure I know why I had put off running MRTG for so long, etc. Just lazy I suppose.

Thinking that this was going to put a strain on the machine, and since it was on my list to upgrade its memory...I went onto eBay and tracked down another 512MB to stick into this machine. That arrived on Tuesday and brought the machine happily up to 1GB of RAM.

Though MRTG didn't really put that much strain on the memory, so I didn't really need it. Though as another move to reduce memory stress on my Windows box. I turned off TV Listings for the Windows DVArchive instance, and run it on my Linux instance. I pretty much use that feature to get daily emails on potential conflicts. Though it seems to have a bug of telling me about conflicts that don't exist.

Like if the show airs twice on one 7pm and 11pm...and I record the 7pm first run episodes each week only on that day at 7pm. It'll tell me that 11pm show conflicts with some other show that I am recording. Of course, I knew that....that's why its scheduled the way that it is. But, that's just a minor thing. Better to have the information than not.

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Fourth Day with DPH-540

Well, once again (at work) I flipped own the phone and it read 'no service'. It showed the progress of acquiring an IP and trying to register. Once again it failed, and I had to reboot the phone.

This lack of automatic reacquistion of network and auto registration is going to be annoying.

My home WiFi network is pretty stable, except for the weekly reboot. But, the WiFi network on campus can be unpredictable.

Meanwhile, I looked over at the Broadvoice site, and found they now have configuration information for the DPH-541 version 1 (I wonder what that means....perhaps its just the future firmware upgrade that the D-Link product page mentions, due this month).

There were some slight differences in my guess on setup to what they give as parameters. The best, is that they give the names of all their proxy servers...and suggest that I ping all of them and pick the best.

So, I tried pinging them from my work computer and my home computer, and found that seems to be the best choice for me. Of course, there's not much difference...since the campus network's kanren uses Cox as well.

Sure hope D-Link can work out all the kinks in the phone...and via firmware updates. I think I'll keep an eye out for a cellphone holster this weekend....though I'd like to know where I can get a new battery for it.

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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