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Just when I thought I was getting good at taking trips....

...the terrorists have to step up and ruin things for all of us. :##

During the last year, with the frequent two night trips abroad. I had become what I thought was pretty good at packing a carry-on plus laptop bag for these trips and avoiding the risk of damage or loss through checked bags.

There was that year, where everytime I checked bag would take an extra day to arrive. Or the time that somehow my belt had gotten broken....

But, now they don't allow liquids or pastes on carry that means I'll have to check my toiletry bag. Gonna be strange over night trips...where the tiny bag that could've gone as the plus one (for those that don't have laptops &#59;D) will now have to go as the checked bag.

Or do I use a big suitcase, where the only thing I have inside is a bottle of shampoo and a tube of toothpaste. With the toothpaste being the important one. Because, unless hotels have already caught up with the times...they probably don't offer this in their rooms yet.

Though I did stay at a hotel recently, where they didn't have the little bottle of shampoo available....just had to be one trip where I had decided not to pack the big bottle of shampoo that I normally pack. It was a business trip, was the business material that I was bringing with me, that caused me to leave the shampoo out of the carry-on.... Fortunately, I had a little bottle of shampoo from a previous trip in my carry-on. (obviously this trip was before the recently security changes).

My upcoming trip....SWC'86 20th year high school reunion....should be interesting. My mom did say she wanted to give me a whole bunch of stuff to take home with me. So, maybe I will have the big suitcase along for the trip. Even though it is a short two-nighter. Though it escaped me at the time...but I'll be flying back from Calgary, Alberta, Canada...on the 5 year anniversary of 9/11. Sure hope that it'll be an uneventful anniversary....

Not immediately sure if I'll pack a 26" upright pullman with only a tube of toothpaste or what. Probably leave out the big bottle of shampoo, to avoid the risk that something'll happen with the lack of padding and the rough handling....the other bag that is usually my checked a 28" upright pullman.

I did have a smaller upright rollaround carry on bag...but I threw it out along with other old suitcases (along with lots of other old things) during my recent move. Don't really want to buy a new small bag just for this trip....maybe I'll look through the box of free bags I got from my previous employer....I think I got a duffle bag one year.

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Where am I at with the DPH-540?

This morning, my DPH-540 was off and wouldn't turn on. Forgot to plug it in last night to recharge. Guess battery life on it can't be anything like what I get with my cellphone, etc.

Guess this is something you have to live with it being WiFi and having to being active all the time (yet it isn't, otherwise, I wouldn't be having my other issues with it).

Last night I was on a call with Discover, activating my new card. I felt the call quality was excellent, etc. Though I was just pacing around my living room where the AP is. And, my network was pretty idle, etc. Though the QoS is usually pretty good on my router (actually it isn't, when I'm on the phone, everything else slows to a crawl....and I can see on my bandwidth graph that it pretty much because just the phone call using bandwidth....~90k each way out of the 4M/512k that I could be doing....usually the upstream is saturated, but its summer and IVS traffic has been light).

Anyways, an extra battery and an external charger sure would be handy now. I have it as a standard accessory with all my cellphones....even though my current one can do about 2-3 days. I did a two night trip where I didn't bring the external charger and didn't have my computer USB died on the way home from the trip. More recent trips, I only bring the USB cable...use my heavy laptop as a super expensive phone charger. :))

Actually, given the short battery life...they probably could've made it easier to access the USB port on the bottom of the phone....

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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